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30 Sep 2016
September 29, 2016, Prishtina, Kosovo: The Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister in cooperation with the Association of the Deaf has kept a joint conference to mark the International Day and Week of the Deaf persons. The... Read more
29 Sep 2016
Between 15th and 17th of September, the second training on the topic of monitoring and quality of child policies was held in the town of Razgrad. The project is financed by Oak Foundation and executed by Know-How Centre for Alternative... Read more
28 Sep 2016
'Euractiv' reports that reproductive rights are human rights, but for many Roman women throughout the EU, they are non-existent, explains Erika Schmidt, EMMA Hub programme manager and Safe Motherhood Week ambassador. These reproductive... Read more
28 Sep 2016
28 SEPTEMBER, BRUSSELS – Today, World Vision and ChildPact, will launch the Child Protection Index in Brussels. This tool serves to prevent and end violence, child trafficking, child labour, discrimination and other violations of a child... Read more



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Delivering Social Care to Refugee and Migrant Children in Serbia: Meeting Needs in Challenging Circumstances [ChildHub Research]


This research ascertains how frontline / social workers in Serbia are meeting the needs of refugee and migrant children. The circumstances in which such workers are operating are extremely challenging, particularly so because a number of recent changes in law and policy have influenced their work. This document provides a brief overview of the migration crisis and contextualises Terre des hommes’ response. The aims and methodology of the research are outlined and significant changes in law and policy are listed.


The SUMMIT Project experience on disappearances of unaccompanied children in Europe [ChildHub webinar]


About the webinar:

Federica Toscano of Missing Children Europe and Rebecca O’Donnell, co-founder of Child Circle, will talk about preventing and responding to disappearances of unaccompanied children in Europe, based on recent research within the SUMMIT Project, a EU co-funded project which explored practices in seven European countries. They will introduce the practical handbook for professionals working with unaccompanied children, with its emphasis on building stronger multi-disciplinary cooperation within countries and across borders.


Human Rights Watch (Lydia Gall) interview about the situation at the Serbian and Hungarian border by Budapest Beacon (Video)


Lydia Gall of Hungary's Human Rights Watch says Hungarian authorities are violating the human rights of asylum seekers arriving to and crossing over Hungary's southern border in an interview conducted by the Budapest Beacon.

Building the Case for a Stronger Social Service Workforce: Childhub joins the Social Service Workforce Week 2016


The social service workforce is critical to protecting children and preventing violence against children. Yet, in too many communities, a lack of funding has resulted in inadequate numbers of trained social service workers who can spot signs of abuse, treat children and prevent violence. On average, 1 out of 4 children has been a victim of some form of physical or sexual violence. Every five minutes a child dies as a result of violence. As individuals and communities, we can easily put a stop to this problem. 

JPO – Child Protection Manager


Position Start Date: 29th September 2016 (6 months)
Location: Ioannina - Greece

Main responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Protection and Education Project Manager, the main purpose of the position is to carry out efficient management of the social work undertaken by the protection team. The manager is responsible for the provision of:

Summary of normative standards and recommendations on ending child immigration detention


Every day, all around the world, millions of children are affected by immigration detention. Whether detained thmselves or impacted by the detention of their parents or guardians, migrant children around the globe are frequently detained illegally, arbitrarily, and unnecessarily, often at great cost to states.

UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants: Nothing to celebrate | Destination Unknown


At the High Level Summit (HLS) of the UN General Assembly on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants, which will take place in New York on 19th September 2016, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives will adopt the Political declaration so called “New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants”.*


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