[Croatia] New Training in Digital Competences for Professionals in Social Welfare System

12 Март 2020

Child Protection Hub implemented a training in modern technologies and digital competencies for social care professionals in the new local community in Croatia. The Center for Social Welfare, Virovitica, hosted this event. 

Social welfare professionals from the local community came together to learn how to use existing platforms that provide information and trainings in the area of child protection. The training presented ChildHub, ChildHub Academy, Zunos micro learning platform and the Zoom platform, where online supervision of participants will be implemented as a last (on-line) meeting of the group.

Most experts have never used online learning, and evaluations show that this topic is completely new to them.

This is the first meeting of this group of experts. They will meet once a month for the next five months, and receive support from ChildHub supervisors and mentors.

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