[European Union] Social Service Workers Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19

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12 Март 2020
Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) posted an article on the importance of the role of social workers during these difficult times.

Social workers are standing on the frontlines and can do a lot to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They play an important role by:

  • ensuring access to needed services,
  • providing remote counselling and
  • organizing ways to overcome isolation.

The social workforce played a key role in the past when they ensured factual information, built awareness and combated myths about Ebola. Now the same actions are needed with the coronavirus. The social workforce can help overcome not only physical suffering, but also feelings of panic, shock, loss, grief, shame and suspicion.

For example, Oluwagbemiga Oyinola, a senior medical social worker in Nigeria, is doing his best to trace contact with infected people, visit concerned families and prevent stigma.

Protecting the safety of social workers is pronouncedly important to avoid spreading the virus. They must be aware that participating in international events could put themselves or others at risk. As a result, several events have been cancelled, but  there are still many opportunities to advocate the profession.

Here are some links to resources that support social workers focused on child protection:

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