[United Kingdom] A parliamentary report lays bare how badly the UK fails its youngest kids

07 Февр. 2019

According to the UK parliament, the government has failed to provide a policy that will reduce the gap between the country’s rich and poor kids and provide adequate support to the youngest and least well of members of British society. The children from well-off families perform better than poor children on test, and the gap only tends to increase as children get older, while at the same time rich children are more likely to attend preschool. In the report UK parliament published this month they call for approach that will include both investing in good quality preschool as well as strengthen ‘home learning environment’ for low income families. Government is urged to provide good quality health care and teaching in preschools for children from low income families, as well as to explore further potential benefits from programmes that provide home visits by trained professionals, based on the experience from other countries where such programmes were implemented.

Advocacy groups voiced their support for the report findings, underlining that early years “are a vital time in the life of any child and play a significant role in shaping who they will become and the opportunities they will have,” according to Kevan Collins, head of the Education Endowment Foundation, a non-profit group working in this field.

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