[United Kingdom] ‘Staff bullying makes a mockery of our mission statement and ethos’

14 Ноем. 2019
Community Care

Bullying among residential care staff has become quite a serious problem. On his first day on the job, David Jones, a residential care worker was told, 'I’ve no doubt you’ll be fine with the young people, but watch your back with some of the staff'.  Eleven years later, he decided to speak out about the ongoing toxic atmosphere created by workplace bullying of staff and young people. He claims that bullying makes a mockery of fostering inclusivity and treating each other with respect.

Bullying takes various forms, but one thing is certain, it makes life hell for staff.  'The pettiness began to suck the life out of me', said one of Jones' former co-workers. Victims often feel compelled to quit as it is difficult to resolve or investigate these cases when it comes to two colleagues’ words against each other. The local authority’s head of children in care said, 'a home’s staff should be more sensitive to this issue' and 'concerted recording of such incidents should be encouraged'.  Kids are often left bereft when a trusted member of staff leaves, and eliminating bullying could help build a more comfortable and emotionally safer environment for children.

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