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Тази инициатива не би могла да бъде осъществена без подкрепата на щедрите физически лица, които предоставиха своето лично време и опит, за да бъде този проект успешен.

Ana Popovic


Content development for the ChildHub including videos, infographics, thematic research excerpts.

Katarina Sladakovic

Intern (Spring/Summer 2015)

Uploading items on the website, making summaries, translating requested materials and gathering background information for the Multi-agency cooperation for child protection conference.

Rossella Sala

Intern (Autumn 2016)

Provide research and communications assistance by working to keep the website content section up to date, producing advocacy material and monitoring media.  Also, carry out research in the field of European migration law and support project writing and implementation in the field of child protection.

Melissa Amini

Intern (2016)

Aid with Human Resources and Knowledge Management tasks, project facilitation, volunteer and intern coordination, text editing, proofreading, content writing and uploading website content.

Laura Penes

Volunteer (Autumn 2016)

Provide support by translating Child Hub website content from English to Romanian.

Inez Hariedy


Research, communications and content editing.

Simona Demkova

Intern (Spring 2016)

Content development for the Childhub. Summarizing newest research, assisting with development of promotion materials, including info-graphics, videos and other multimedia forms. Other relevant assistance in daily office activities. 

Simona Šimkutė
Източна Европа и Балтийски републики, Литва

Intern (Summer 2015)

Research and communications, uploading items on the website, making summaries, reviewing publications, and developing guidelines for interviewing for the Call to Action project.

Ruzha Likja

Volunteer (Autumn 2016)

Provide support by translating Child Hub website content from English to Albanian. 

Alexia Lawson

Intern (Summer 2015)

Content development for the ChildHub, including research review, production of infographics, short videos, news.

Matthew Sanderson

Intern (Fall 2016)

Assist with the creation and preparation of infographics, videos, newsletters, case discussions and webinars. Contribute to Child Hub content by publishing news, vacancies and resources.

Katie Javanaud

Oxford Intern (Summer 2016)

Research on delivering social care to refugees and migrant children in Serbia. Produced a thematic package on violence against children and its consequences. Support on-going office projects through research and publishing content on the website to make sure all recent news and resources are presented there. 


Maria Oteleanu


Content development for ChildHub.

Rosie Carter

Oxford Intern (Summer 2016)

Research and communications intern, supporting Terre des hommes Romania with report writing, communications and advocacy, applying specialism in migration to conduct research on children on the move and developing content for ChildHub.

Thomas Huges

Content development for ChildHub, including review of articles, research, editing of news.

Giulia Tarantini

Intern (Spring 2015)

Research and Communication Intern, uploaded more than 100 items on the website and organised the face-to-face meeting of researchers of the baseline study.

Arthur Isherwood-Mote

Intern (Summer 2016)

Support the research and advocacy work of the office. Aid with the uploading of content to the website.

Peter Szczyglowski

Content development for ChildHub, assistance to Brave Phone with activities in Croatia, developing monitoring and evaluation report, developing translation strategy.

Sveta Margolin

Volunteer (Autumn 2016)

Provide support by translating Child Protection Hub website content from English to Russian.

Kareem Korayem

Intern (Spring 2016)

Upload relevant daily news to the Childhub website, research certain topics and issues as required, produce thematic research packages and write content for the website on matters concerning child protection.

Vittoria Zanellati

Intern (Spring 2015)

Research and Communications intern, uploaded more than 300 items on the website, made summaries and improved functionality.

Jeta Rapce

Volunteer (Fall 2016)

Provide support by translating child hub website content from English to Albanian.

Michelle Asbill

Intern (Fall 2015 - present)

Content development for ChildHub, contribution towards baseline research, language editing assistance.

Magdalena Hristova

Volunteer (Autumn 2016 - present)

Provide support by translating Child Hub website content from English to Bulgarian.


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