Special needs of children in street situation

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Special needs of children in street situation

Children in street situation are often used to a lot of freedom - while they are also exposed to many dangers, including exploitation. Once they get engaged with services, professionals often struggle to provide structure to these children who may refuse to accept any structure imposed on them. How do you deal with this problem? Do you have methodologies, approaches, tips for professionals? Please share.

Arina Cretu
Here is a World Bank

Here is a World Bank Institute working paper on Promising Practices and Approaches in working with street children. It also mentiones the profile of street children, examples of  street children programs and lessons learned from this work.


Arina Cretu
World Health Organisation

World Health Organisation also has a materials on working with street children. They provide a training package that contains essential knowledge and skill(s) for street educators, programme planners and advocates for street children. The training package is divided into two parts:

  • The first part of the package consists of 10 training modules that provide information on problems street children may face and the essential skills and knowledge educators need to function in a dynamic environment on the street.
  • The second part is a compilation of trainer tips which provide ideas on how the topics can be taught using a variety of teaching methods.

All th documents are available here:


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Some video materials of CYI work

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