"So what now..?" leaflets

The rights of children in contact with the justice system
Date of publication: 
18 Oct 2015
Terre des hommes Moldova

The "So what now...?" leaflets aim to inform children and parents/caregivers about children's rights at the early contact with the justice system in the Republic of Moldova. 

Children may come into contact with the law as victims, witnesses or offenders (suspects). In all cases, children have rights.

The "So what now...?" leaflets refer to the first stage of contact with the justice system, namely the interaction with the police. The basic information that children and parents/caregivers need to know was divided into two leaflets for:

- Child suspected of having committed an offense;

- The child victim or witness of an offense.

Attached below there are the four versions of the two leaflets: English, Romanian and Russian for Moldova, and Russian for Transnistrian region.

The leaflets were distributed as part of the "Know your rights together with us" campaign.

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