The case of 3 children abused by their mother - The intervention of the General Direction of Social Services Bucharest, District 6 (Case discussion in Romanian)

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The case discussed:

Situation of children Marta (aged 16), Tamara ( aged 15 ), Luke ( aged 9) came into the attention of DGASPC District 6 on 15/12/2014 following the complaint filed by their father on a possible case of physical abuse and neglect of their children by their mother, Irina.

Parents' divorce was finalized in 2013. According to the decision of the Court of Appeal, issued on 25.06.2013, jointly parental authority by both parents was given, the domicile of the children was set to be at mother's home   and for the father a visiting program was set, a program that was respected.

 Following a detailed evaluation of the children's situation, it was observed that the minors are exposed by the mother to physical and emotional abuse. The following were recommended: the psychological evaluation of the girls to guide the psychological intervention; the evaluation and psychotherapeutic intervention for the mother; psychological counseling for the boy; psychological counseling for the father; counseling for both parents in order to ease the conflict between them and taking proper parental duties; moving the boy with his father as he was perceived as a resource for the child.

Following the reevaluation of the children's situation, it was found that the state of conflict was maintained, this being reflected in the emotional state of the children. Unlike the girls, showing that they can protect themselves in such situations, the boy was found in a risk situation,  being exposed by the mother to situations of physical assault and emotional abuse because of her inability to adequately meet the child's needs.

Individual counseling to parents was recommended (for the mother to empower her to manage the chilldren's needs and problems; for the father to optimize his parenting skills). The case was closed on 08.03.2016.

On 04.04.2016, the father requested through injunction changing the domicile of the children. On 09.05.2016 the court provisionally fixed the children's domicile at their father's. Mother appealed the sentence, the first time being on 28.06.2016. 


- Adina Vioreanu (social worker, inspector DGASPC District 6 -  Department of Assistance in Situations of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Trafficking of Children, Case management Coordinator);

- Daniela Ciobanu (sociologist, chief of department, Department of Assistance in Situations of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Trafficking of Children within DGASPC District 6)

During the case discussion, the intervention measures applied and all stages of the case will be presented in detail, subsequently leaving space for discussions on good practices and for any questions / suggestions from the participants. 

When and how long?

Friday, 24th June 2016, at 11.00h (EET). Duration: max. 1h  


Online at: 

Who is it for?

All interested persons, especially professionals working on similar cases from public institutions and NGOs, Romanian speaking. The maximum number of participants: 25.

How do you enrol?

Registration/ authentification on is required. Enrolment to the case discussion is done by clicking on the "Join this case discussion" button. Taking into consideration the limited number of participants, please secure a place in due time.   

How do you access the online discussion?

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This discussion is the fourth in a series of five case discussions which will take place from March to July 2016 (one case per month).
Case discussions represent an unique opportunity to develop our knowledge and to optimize  practices in child protection, so as to attract support and to obtain validation. The ultimate aim being, of course, improving the work undertaken by all of us with children and families, which otherwise forms a valuable learning experience.


For more information, please contact the national associate for Romania:

Raluca Icleanu




Date and time for case discussion: 
24 Jun 2016 - 11:00am
Learning points: 


  • In this case, the custody of the mother on her 3 children is questionable by the father, but also by the child protection institution who notices physical and psychological abuse on children, more predominantly towards one of the children. As the father is not prepared to ask for the custody of the children, the solution of institutionalizing of the most affected child is taken into consideration, but with no agreement from the parents. The solution was also questionable by the case management team, measuring the benefits and downsides. 
  • The father would be given legal advice and counselling on parenting skills, but would not have the self-confidence in taking all children in his care. Nonetheless, the case management team proposed taking just one of the child, the most affected by the behavior of the mother for several months as a trial for both the child and the father. The evaluation turned to be positive. The father should be more counselled about taking decisions and be more self-confident in his parenting abilities.
  • The assisted meetings with the parents offered a high degree of dependency towards the advisers, so the programme ceased. The case management team should focus on fostering the parenting skills, focusing on the decision making process of parents. Parents should be informed from the beginning that the assisted meetings are a temporary solution.
  • Psychological counselling should be more considered and make parents see more its efficiency in order to agree with this.
  • When possible, the case management team can give recommendations that can be used in court in order for the decision to be taken in the favour of the child.
  • One proposal to pass over any difficulties that might occur in managing a similar case is to work in a team.  
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