Children passively abused. Case discussion in Albanian.

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Based on this social anamnesis, the case of a minor girl is described who according to her statement is in a state without proper parental care. The child was born on 06/19/2002 in Pristina and comes from the Ashkali community. Center for Social Work is informed by the policed ​​station. In the case, the child was presented to the police station and asked for help in regard to housing. The Office of Probation Services intervened while interviewing the child, according to her statement, it is noticed that the child does not have a proper parental care.

The minor stated that her parents were separated when she was at the age of 4 years old. Her mother remarried in the Republic of Macedonia and created a new life. Since the separation she had not contacted or ever tried to contact the girl. So far she remained under the care of her father for whom she states that he is a user of drugs and alcohol and we never cares for the welfare of his daughter.

As a result of these issues, the juvenile addressed the problem at the institutions and sought refuge. So The Office of Probation Services with the aim in providing social protection for the child as an emergency protection has foreseen to provide the child with immediate sheltering  and this action was realized on 09.05.2015 were sheltering of the child took place in a shelter in Pristina, where the child resided for some time. The case of the juvenile continues as the child refuses any contact with his father since she feels neglected and abused by him. The juvenile has shown strong emotions and resilience associated with her father while not wanting to return to him and having no desire to communicate any more with her parent. Her father has requested to keep contact with his daughter.  With the help of psychologist, Center for Social Work reached cooperation between the parent of the juvenile and the psychologist by improving parental behavior and by promising changes which are proved through results and medical tests which confirm that he is not using drugs anymore. The parent of the juvenile has shown that there is also an extra marital child except the girl from the previous marriage and has expressed his interest to join with the additional child from extra marital relation. The Center for Social Work has helped in establishing contacts with the extra-marital child and also managed to join him with the extra-marital child and his mother. The child who reported to the police has shown strong emotions associated with her father, not wanting to return to him but with the help of psychologist and with the advice from social workers, the child managed to return home to live with his father, his partner and his daughter. In this case we are facing with the child neglecting as a passive form of child maltreatment and lack of care manifested by adults towards children's needs such as: existential needs, development, protection and participation.

Psychologist working with the case, is asking experts for ggestions and recommendations on how to deal with children who are resistant and have a high level of emotions and weak emotional attachment with the parent (guardian).

Date and time for case discussion: 
27 Apr 2016 - 11:00am
Learning points: 

- In regard to the measures to be taken - to focus on finding a way for the children who are neglected to stay at home due to lack of state support, but through monitoring od the process

- Working on creation of the stable environment for the family

- Muldi-disciplinary treatment, family visits from Center for Social Work CSW

- Early Identification and fast intervention and to work more on prevention in cases of abuse

- Close or broad family care including relatives which is considered as a treatment with the lowest cost

- Placing in the shelter until the environment surrounding the child is improved in order for the child to return to the biological family

- To ask the child what she thinks it may happen, not to make decission only from professional's viewpoint

- Having continual sessions with parent/s in order to raise awareness and inform them about possible sanctions in case maltreatment/negligence occurs, such as loss of parental rights

- Also to work with other members of the family due to change in living environment, stepmother and sister

- To mo nitor and support the lowering of child's resistance towards her parent and to see if the changes within the family occur

- To consider moving the child closer to the family earlier because of a risk of emotional fading with her father due to his emotional bonding with other members

- Foster families to be more motivated financially

- If possible not to keep the involvement of the police but rather as observer. It is better civil servants to handle directly the case

- CSW's also to use resources from civil society who also provide counseling, etc. on child protection

- Engagement of social workers in schools

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