Participation of children with visual impairments

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Philippa Watts
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Participation of children with visual impairments

I am a Participation Development Officer working specifically with children with disabilities in the UK, supporting them to be involved in strategic decision-making at the local and national government levels. The group of children I work with most regularly is extremely diverse, and my background is in children with learning disabilities (specialising in those whop are non-verbal). Because of this, I tend towards using images and visual representations, however I also have a very intelligent young lady who has a visual impairment, so these activities do not work well for her. I'm really struggling to find activities that are fun enough for those who are unable to sit through extended discussions, but are also appropriate for this young lady. 

Does anybody have any resources or suggestions of where I might look? I've been exploring teaching resources for children with visual impairments, but they are either very subject specific or are aimed at very young children.




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