Really need your ideas, feedback and opinion

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Judit Németh-Almasi
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Really need your ideas, feedback and opinion

Hello everyone, please take a few minutes to give us feedback on the website. Is there a menu point that you cannot find? Is there a translation that should be improved? Is there a functionality that you really miss? Let us know! We want to hear you!

Adam McCune
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I think one idea would be a

I think one idea would be a button somewhere on the website which said "Invite your colleagues and friends to ChildHub".

When someone clicked this button, they would be asked for the name and email of their colleague, and the website would then send them an introduction email telling them all about ChildHub and inviting them to sign up.

Sendrine Constant
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Definitely, excellent

Definitely, excellent suggestion

Joseph Aguettant
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front picture (drawing) of children dancing

I am not sure if this picture reflects our commitment to diversity - I mean, in terms of minority e.g. Roma, asylum seekers, children on the move from outside Europe?
just a small comment in passing
otherwise lovin' it

Jesus Fernandez
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Great job, 4 small points

1_ Give the possibility to insert an image/file on the forums. Make the forum post window a little bit bigger.

2_When I am in and I click on "discuss cases", I get a "page not found" message (maybe because for the moment this data set is empty...)

3_In the page I would put a "Join the community" button (something like "create an account")

4_I wanted to send my comments on via the forums but I get this message telling me that I am not allowed
to post on the mentioned forum. This message could be replaced by "please click ont the forum underneath" (if not, it is a little bit confusing)


Those are details, the result is amazing, specially the documentation/multimedia zones.

Adam McCune
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Thanks for the feedback. I

Thanks for the feedback. I have now fixed the broken links in 2. of your feedback :)

Arina Cretu
Will there be "Like" /

Will there be "Like" / "Recommend", share (on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin etc) buttons on all pages (news, job announcements, various materials etc.)?

Vladislav Oleat...
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there are social network

there are social network buttons at the vey bottom, footer of the page :)

Arina Cretu
As I see, those are buttons

As I see, those are buttons/links to the social media profile/page of the website. Those buttons do to refer to specific pages - these buttons would be nice at the very beginning of every article/news/etc or at the end.

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Yes this functionality is

Yes this functionality is coming!

Vladislav Oleat...
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looking good :)

- nice design, the font is of a comfortable to read size and the colours are nice

- the Materials for trainers have a description and are downloadable, it's useful :) ( by the way Laugh Run and Move manual is not there)

 - nice and big menu items and the unfolding menue is comfortable

- the pictures presentation on the Homepage makes the page more dynamic and interesting


- It is not intuitively clear, how do I get back to the HOMEPAGE? The link on the name of the Hub in the top-left corner is not enough

- The "About us" link doesn't work from all the pages, it doesn't work from this page: and it doesn't work from it shows the PAGE NOT FOUND

- I didn't introduce the number that appears next to my login name "name_641" could it be hidden from the user?

- I've spent about 1,5 min to find the link to Register/Log In (JOIN...) and I only understood it when saw the LOGOUT link next to it. 

- The Russian version of the site would've been much appreciated in our part of the world :)

that's it for now :)

Thank you for the work done!


Adam McCune
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Thanks for the feedback Vlad.

Thanks for the feedback Vlad. I have fixed the broken links to the "About us page".

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Dear Vlad, Thanks so much for

Dear Vlad, Thanks so much for the detailed feedback: in terms of training tools in fact I have only uploaded about 1/10th of the Moldovan materials, because of lack of time, but it is coming for sure and we very much appreciate those. Russian: absolutely agree, we are looking into options for this, originally it is a budget issue but if we find volunteer translators it can be done for sure. It is a mid-term goal for us!.

Ian Milligan
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I think it is looking very good already. Web pages very clear and bright, good size of font, very readable it seems to me. I have not spent a lot of time on it but all the navigation seems to be working. The English is good. (Something funny about this text box btw, it seems to be expanding sideways).

Some quick feedback:

The ‘endorsements’ on the home page (under Community) – they rotate too fast to read.

I spent a little bit of time on the library and a limited amount of testing the search function. It is already a very large library, it seems to have a  lot of recent stuff. A small question about ‘filtering’, when I searched using a phrase ‘child protection training' I got 57 items, very good. However the results page also generated the country/topic tick-box box. I  could not understand what it was asking me to do (if anything). I think you need a bit of explanatory text about the relationship between that filtering function (The country/topic) box, and the search you have just conducted. Hope that makes sense!

Typo: ‘professionalism’ typo in Vesna Katalinic endorsement.

Typeface for direct speech quotes: I personally do not like the font that is used for quotes – the ‘g’ is really peculiar and difficult to read. What I like or do not like is not important, but I think the readability of the ‘g’ is.


Judit Németh-Almasi
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Thank you

Dear ALL, we really appreciate that you took the time to see the site through and provide detailed comments, please continue to do so and if you come across any bug, translation error, etc, just write to us! We are managing these and will make sure your comments are anwered (and problems solved).

Arina Cretu
I think it would be nice to

I think it would be nice to have a system of receiving emails when one's message was replied on the forum or when there are new messages in a topic of interest on the forum. People could opt in or opt out of this feature.

Vladislav Oleat...
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totally agree, it would be

totally agree, it would be helpful

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Thank you Arina, now we have

Thank you Arina, now we have this functionality up and running!

Arina Cretu
I have gathered more comments

I have gathered more comments and suggestions from the Tdh Moldova team:

- Generally, the design is perceived as trendy, with nice colors and forms. And the Prezi presentation is nice.
- There were difficulties with creating an account. If one registers, his/her account does not appear automatically (it appears after around 30 min) and this creates confusion. Then the person thinks something went wrong and creates another account, with Facebook, for example. And this way ends up with two accounts. And there were also problems with adding a picture to an account created through the childhub (not facebook).
- As you have observed, for some reason people get a number after their name.
- It would be very welcomed if there was the possibility to subscribe to a daily newsletter – each day to receive what new information was posted on the website (news, materials, popular forum topics etc.).
- It seems that the menu is not very intuitive, people get lost and do not understand what to find where. People are used with the more common menu “News/Resources/Photos/Forum” etc.

My suggestion is to have a more visible button on the main page that would open a video or presentation on “How it works”, but in a more “technical way”, as a tutorial.

- There is also the difficulty that you have to remember, for example, that "Forum" is under "Exchange", not "Connect".

- The filtering is a bit too elaborated. I was given as a good example the website of Save the Children Romania. Here on the main page, second half of it, the information is grouped as “Child’s roghts”, “Protection”, “Education” etc. and on the Resources page , the information is grouped under “Legislation”, “Studies”, “Annual reports”, “Multimedia”.
- It would be also nice if the information/materials are presented as “General” (as for all professions with responsibilities in child protection) and by profession (social work, education, police etc.)
- The” Join the community” and “Login” are difficult to notice. They are on the top bar that many people many times ignore and it is not clear that one should press on them. Maybe a frame around them can be drawn (such that they would appear as buttons to push).
- The same – it is not clear how to return to the main page. Not all members of the team realized that they have to press on “Child Protection for southeast Europe”.

But as I write this I observe that a new bar just appeared on the website and maybe it will solve some of the issues :)

I hope these comments can be helpful.

Arina Cretu
I have just noticed that when

I have just noticed that when pressing on "Read more" in the "Latest News" column on the front page, it doesn't lead to the article.

Only pressing on the title leads you to the article. In the "Latest Resources" - both options work.

Thierry Agagliate
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Nice job! some proposition...

You did a great job in in shaping-up this beta version of the chil-hub. Here are some recommendation to help improving the current version:

I suggest to display clearly in the main page that the site is still in Beta version. could be good also to announce wha'ts coming up in terms of site development and new features roadmap

Give us a feed back : the link is broken (error 404). Also would be good to be able to find a feed-back icone all along the site, not just in the main page, especially given that the site is beeing beta-tested

Profile : I suggest the profile display the numer of token earned, even if it it zero
The spelling after "area of expertise" are incorrect (words are stucked together)
I have clicked on the "connect using your with linked-in" profile but I don't see any impact on my profile neither in childhub, nor on linked-in, no connexion visible.... no import of datas...
I suggest the "my profile icone" top of the screen, to mentionne the name of the person connected (then you know you are connected)

Layout : the collored menu boxes (Connect, Learn, Exchange), display folders (Event, vacancy etc) and some have sub-folders (ours members, contact us...). this give the wrong impression that only the folder displaying sub-topic are actually active.... I suggest every folder display at least one sub-topic to engage into clicking

Webinar : don't get how to join a webinar, where to click, what time etc... expecially the one announced for the 11 of February (basic introduction to webinar...)...

There are commercial advertizement displaying in the prezi presenattion of teh project could we remove that?

Could we make more visible who are the country coordinators of the child-hub, what is their role and how to contact them?

Thierry Agagliate
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Just noticed also that the

Just noticed also that the "Topic" short-cut rubric of down the main page does not update with the last topics discussed in the forum. Would be good also to have the "topic" icone clickable so that we access directly the forum rubric from there (idem for "latest groups" and "vacancies" short-cuts.

Would be good also to be able to edit forum threads (for those like me who have some little orthographic problems...)

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Thanks Thierry, we really

Thanks Thierry, we really appreciate all your observations and we are treating them with priority! Will get back to you, tomorrow you will see the 'this is a pilot site' message up and we are working on the other issues as well!

TDH Regional Office
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Suggestions from Moldova

These are some suggestions from Tdh Moldova and the local professional community: 

1. They are very critical about the use of Google translator. They say the translations are really bad. For news it can be ok, but when it comes to serious documents  - this can be even dangerous because of incorrectly translated terms.

2. They suggest that when a user selects a language, for example, Romanian, they only see materials in Romanian. Otherwise, how it looks now - a user needs to list several pages of English materials to finally find something in their own language. They might think they're doing something wrong and there are no resources in Romanian at all and simply leave the website. I spoke with Judit about this - she says we can prioritize resources in national languages so as they go first - this sounds like a good solution to me.

3. Dorina says that if after half a year the issue of translations still stays a problematic one, we should fundraise for translations from ADA and EC. At least in Moldova the donors are aware of this problem and might be able to support, she says.

4. We discussed the possibility to make some attachments locked, so as only certain users can access them. For example, they have a document describing different forms of sexual abuse, that shouldn't be publicly available. For now we agreed that in such cases we will only put an abstract and provide contact details for those who want to request the full document.

5. They encouraged us to have a special section with child-friendly materials, but we are already working on this.

6. They also suggested to create a mini-section "Emergency assistance to professionals" (in national languages), that would include country-relevant information  for professionals on what to do, whom and how to contact in various emergency situations, involving children. They're sure this will be popular and are willing to develop the material.

Arina Cretu
Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for summing up the suggestions from Moldova. 

There was also a suggestion related to students and ways of encouraging them to grow professionally. The professors in Moldova are very willing to promote the Hub among their students, first of all they will find a lot of information for their studies, research, but also it would be nice if, for example, NGOs and various institutions would publicize their volunteering opportunities and then students would get rewards on the website. And maybe in time we could come up with other ways of involving students.

Arina Cretu
Messages in forum

Dear colleagues, I just noticed that when I am on the Romanian (or other national language) website, the messages in the forum are not visible, just the first one is there...but then the other comments are not. 

I think it would be better if all messages are visible in all languages.

Adam McCune
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Hi Arina, thanks for the

Hi Arina, thanks for the suggestion. The comments should now be visible in all languages. Please let me know if you cant see them!




Arina Cretu
Hi Adam, thank you! yes, now

Hi Adam, thank you! yes, now they appear in the Romanian version of the website.

Vesna Katalinic
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Brave Phone


just a few suggestion from our RRC people from Croatia,

1. the same proposition like from Moldova team: They suggest that when a user selects a language, for example, Romanian, they only see materials in Romanian. Our RRC people say that proffesionals could have a lack of motivation in searching all the materials, when most of them first want to see the news from their own country. Maybe we can add posibility to see the materials from all  other countries, but that generay stays information from national level.

2. some of them say that it would be nice to have members of community ordered in alphabetical order

3. they propose to put more visible information about what members can get on this site. Maybe to put this site out:

They get a bit confused about earning the virtual points. 

4. Login button - they propose it to be more visible



Sendrine Constant
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Creating new forum?

In order for any user to be able to share ideas or request support from the hub community of peers, it would be essential that anyone who is registered is able to create a new forum topic, but I didn't find the option :-(


Peter Szczyglowski
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Title Heading Correction


This is a very small thing I noticed, but in the section of 'Tools for Trainers', the third link down is for an exercise book about online use for children. The title of the guide on the picture, as well as in its PDF format when opened, is 'Play and Learn: Being Online'. However, the title given on the description is 'Play and Learn: being alone'. I imagine it's a typing error perhaps since the names are different. Hope this helps, otherwise its fantastic. Here is the link to the guide I was referring to by the way,
<a href=""></a>

Arina Cretu
Hi Peter, thank you for

Hi Peter, thank you for letting us know about this. It was corrected.

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Thanks so much for noticing!

Thanks so much for noticing! We have corrected this one!

ridiona stana
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As shared with some TdH colleagues, it is great to have this resource!

In regard to feedback for the website, I would suggest to have:

a) A calendar of CP related Events in the Region (somewhere in the website, easily accessible)
b) An option of "Post your good practice/idea/encouraging story" (It might need revision from the staff managing the page before uploading a story or promising practice, but this option can encourage practitioners to also promote the great work that happens in the field)
c) A window of NEW and INNOVATIVE CP solutions and Ideas. Everyone can upload their concept and that can become a source for a bigger project proposal, programme etc.

This is all that comes to mind for the moment, and considering that am not yet very familiar with using the website.

Thanks and my very best wishes!

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Excellent ideas, and we

Excellent ideas, and we really appreciate that you took the time to provide us with feedback! The calendar is already in our plans (we need a bit more time to implement it) - and you are right, we should give more and more opportunities for users to contribute knowledge, so yes, we will also implement this one!

Vesna Katalinic
Vesna Katalinic's picture

Dear partners,

I think that it would be really important that experts who are making profile on Child Hub put into profile their possition, town and State they come from.

For example, when I make a search for the experts from Croatia there is only 5 or 6 people on the list - who entered this information and there are so many people who are included in community from Croatia but didnt put this info. 

Maybe it would be good to put this information as obligatory?



Vanda Bozic
Vanda Bozic's picture


just a small thing that i noticed, on this link (<a href=""></a>) there is a following sentence: "To become a member, it is necessary to register on the site by clicking on this link" - but there is no hyperlink to the registering place.

Also, some places on the Hub seem a bit too crowded in my opinion, for example News and Webinars are looking a lot more crowded than for example Tools for Trainers and Online Library. Actually, i really like Tools for Trainers, probably because of the small pictures next to the articles about the materials, and it feels more friendly to read what is going on there.
News and Webinars don't have any pictures and they are aligned into 2 columns, which makes it a little bit difficult (for me at least) to concentrate on the things that are posted. I
t is not really bad though, and i understand that there are a lot of news to be covered and it is probably very hard to push a lot of them to one page, but i still think there is maybe some way to make it look a little bit better in the future...:)
This is not a big deal, it's just something i'm thinking about when going through the page, i dont know if anybody else shares that opinion...

I really like child-friendly materials idea :D i just think it is not very visible on the site
And i really like the home-page, i think it is very well organised.

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Dear Vanda, Thanks for

Dear Vanda, Thanks for noticing, we have added the link there. Working in all these languages is not an easy task, and while we do get help with translations, putting them up is also tricky:-).

Very good observation about the lists - me personally also prefer the one column design with little thumbnails, the issue is whether we do have any photos to add... especially when the content is NOT ours, i.e. we are merely re-posting and then we do not own the rights. However, we will keep this in mind for the future!

Valbona Carcani-Mane
Valbona Carcani-Mane's picture
for improvement

Dear Judit,

Two quick things on this, hoping it will help.

- Many peers are reporting that the window coming out when entering is becoming an obstacle. Users percieve the window popping "Webpage under development" as a mesage that they cannot accses and use the page. Maybe we could say "Webpage under development, click here to skip and enter the". We need to find a way to let people know that there's another step of closing that window and continuing with hub.

- Regarding the order and dates of the resources and items that come up in the pages. The dates are a bit challangeing as you find a material published in Aprl 2015 but it actually is a publication of 2010. A suggestion to address this challange would be that we for the materials/documents/resources for example we could have two dates. the date of publishing in childhub and than the date of the actual publication? In general we could use chronological order for news, vacancies, events etc while for reports, best practices etc we could use the rating meaning those that are considered the most important come out first and people will look directly at the best rated resources.

Coming up with further suggestions in the coming days.

may you have a great week-end,

Kind Regards,


Judit Németh-Almasi
Judit Németh-Almasi's picture
Thanks Valbona for your

Thanks Valbona for your feedback! Regarding the pop-up we will get back to you early next week.

Regarding publications: it should work as you just said, if you find documents with wrong dates, could you please just edit it? This would be very helpful indeed!

Arina Cretu
I was just thinking that the

I was just thinking that the forum is entirely in English and I think that not all the members (present and future) of ChildHub know (very well) English.  What do you think about having a special forum - here - for each language of the website?. The name of the subforum could be - Discussions in Romanian (Discuţii în limba română), for example. Each associate will moderate a subforum. For the beginning there could be a general subject related to questions/help needed and suggestions (for website improvement and of various materials).

Judit Németh-Almasi
Judit Németh-Almasi's picture
Dear Arina, very valid point,

Dear Arina, very valid point, and we should definitely start these! If you want I can create already the forum you mentioned and under that you guys can create topics.

Just to inform you: we are re-structuring groups and forums, because they are very unclear the way they are, and also next week we plan to go for one-language versions of the website. In fact for this it will be important to have local language forums, so your idea is also VERY topical.

I truly appreciate your inputs and great ideas!

Arina Cretu
I was just in the situation

I was just in the situation of reading an article on the website, then scrolling down with the thought of clicking on the tags to see what other articles are available with the same tag. And I noticed that  the tags are not clickable. Maybe this feature is planned for future, but in any case, I think it would be very useful and user-friendly.

Judit Németh-Almasi
Judit Németh-Almasi's picture
Yes, this is definitely part

Yes, this is definitely part of our plans, we have not had time to program it, but it is in the list! Please be a bit more patient and we will have it:-).

Arina Cretu
Dear Judit, thank you for

Dear Judit, thank you for your answers! Good luck with the changes :)

yildirim aleyna
yildirim aleyna's picture
cum putem imbunatati saitul?

casa imbunatatim saitul trebuie sa informam fiecare raion al moldovei casa informeze satele din modova si atunci vor accesa aiesti tineri pe sait si atunci vor parea o multime de idei pentru imbunatatirea si inbogatirea saitului

Arina Cretu
Va multumim pentru sugestie.

Va multumim pentru sugestie. Cu siguranta vom face aceasta, ne vom stradui sa informam cat mai multi specialisti.

yildirim aleyna
yildirim aleyna's picture
cum sa inbunatatim saitul?

eu sint eleva si mai am o fiecara an scolar sa vie informatori precum domnii politisti si sa vorbeasca cu profesoara de la lectia de informatica si sa ne dea voie sa accesam acest sait ,dar informatorii nu pre vin si noi nu stim deloc de acest sait

Arina Cretu
Multumim si pentru aceasta

Multumim si pentru aceasta sugestie. Cu siguranta vom incerca sa organizam mai multe campanii de informare, pe diferite subiecte pe care trebuie sa le cunoasta copiii. Si vom colabora cu diferiti specialisti din localitate, ca politisti, profesori si altii. Despre care site v-au informat domnii politisti - sau

yildirim aleyna
yildirim aleyna's picture
cum sa inbunatatim saitul?

daca eu am raspuns la cele 21 de intrebari corect atunci am sansa sa fiu printre cei 100 de chistigatori??

Arina Cretu
Draga yildirim aleyna, da,

Draga yildirim aleyna, da, aveti sansa, dar va rugam sa utilizati site-ul pentru intrebari si informatii despre concursul online.


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