Researching child sexual abuse and exploitation

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Sendrine Constant
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Researching child sexual abuse and exploitation

Researching child sexual abuse and exploitation?

Please share your resources, materials, research protocols, experts in order to enhance research and action

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Sendrine Constant
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Dear colleagues,

Dear colleagues,

I've got a request yesterday on researching child sexual abuse and so tried a quick search to find information related to research protocols, tools, etc for researchers. Not so easy....

Here are some of the things I've found quickly, but please share and complete:

Useful websites:

- The International Center : Researching child sexual exploitation, violence, trafficking at the University of Bedfordshire and a series of video on the issue and the CSE research forum // and some of their publications

The University is also hosting the 'Our voices project'

- The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network - with special resources for researchers

- The LINEA network;Learning Initiative on Norms, Exploitation and Abuse (LINEA)

- Barnardos:

- the NSPCC



Ressources (not linked to research though):

- Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

- Helping local authorities to develop effective responses - See more at:

This briefing outlines the elements of an effective local response to child sexual exploitation. - See more at:


Lavinia Hagiu
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The Underwear Rule

I found this interesting page on the Council of Europe's website, "The Underwear Rule", which aims to explain to children where it is inapropriate for other to touch them and what to do if something like this does happen. 

They have a short film as well as a book for children to raise awareness and teach them in more child-friendly terms.

Here is the link:

Shukrullah Liwa...
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The Underwear Rule

I visit from tis page it was realy intresting for my specially the kiko and the hand booklet 

Godwin Osama
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This is very helpful.

This is very helpful.

Arina Cretu
Dear Sendrine,

Dear Sendrine,

I know that in Moldova, the National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse is specialized also on sexual abuse. The leader and expert of the Center is also registered on ChildHub - Daniela Simboteanu. 

There are some resources (for professionals and teacher) related to sexual abuse on their website, but the materials are in Romanian. I am attaching them in any case:

1. How to help sexually abuse children? (Guide for professionals)

2. How to protect children from sexual abuse? (Guide for parents)

3. Child victim of sexual abuse: multidisciplinary interventions

4. Mapping on the situation on child victimization by means of sexual abuse and exploitation in Moldova


Valbona Carcani-Mane
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Dear colleagues,

In Albania we have just started the conduction of a national level reserach on the sexual abuse in the circle of trust. Last week we had the pool of experts sharing and getting trained on the main concepts, terms, statistics etc as well as the main issues about the methodology, tools, logistics and partership were discussed and agreed upon.

The lead researcher will be the international expert Mr. Georg Nikolaidis. He is a practitioner in Psychotherapy (MD, MA, MSc, PhD) and brings many years of clinical and research experience. He is associated withInstitute of Child Health, Dept. of Mental Health & Social Welfare, Centre for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.  

His contact address:

Also there's a very interesting page containing plenty of helpful information regarding sexual abuse that really is worth exploring. This is the National Child Traumatic Stress Network:

Judit Németh-Almasi
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If you are interested the

If you are interested the topic here is an interesting webinar for you:

Involving marginalised young people in preventing sexual exploitaiton

Vesna Katalinic
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Center for child protection

I am attaching leaflet for parents and profesionals for children who experienced sexual abuse

Also, protocol I am attaching Protocol about sexual violence in Croatia from 2012.




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