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Judit Németh-Almasi
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Study visits

We are planning to organise study visits for you and other professionals from your countries to be able to see good practices first-hand, to talk with stakeholders who were involved in their creation and beneficiaries who enjoy the results of the practice.

We are thinking of the following themes:

  • Minimum basket of services (potentially in Romania)
  • the transition fund in Serbia
  • multi-disciplinary services under one roof in Zagreb
  • outreach mobile teams in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

We would love to hear from you: are these of interest? Would you like to add something to this list?

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Arina Cretu
Dear Judit, here in Moldova

Dear Judit, here in Moldova we think that it is a great idea to organize study visits. For our professionals it would be very useful to visit some centers for correctional education of juveniles/children in conflict with the law (both under and above the minimal criminal age responsibility). We've heard there are some good practices in Croatia, but are not sure were exactly. Maybe our colleagues in Croatia could suggestion such centers. 

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