Ways to engage the resource persons

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Arina Cretu
Ways to engage the resource persons

Dear colleagues,

As an associate, I would like to ask for your suggestions on ways to engage resource persons. What do you think would make our collaboration more fruitful and lasting?

For now, in Moldova we came up with the idea to have a "Our Resource Persons" subcategory under the "CONNECT with colleagues" category. There we could have a short presentation, interview with the resource persons, presenting their work, areas of expertise, their organisation/institution. If we produce any learning material with them (video, paper etc.), we can list it under their profile.

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Very good idea indeed - we

Very good idea indeed - we should make them prominent on the website!
I think we should also give them small tasks, that are doable in little amount of time and with little effort: things like commenting in forums, trying to find a specific document on the site and then give us feedback on the process, try to do things in their languages and see how that works and give us feedback...

Then, what would be really really important is to ask them to collect case studies we could discuss in the 'discuss a case section - this should come from the field, preferably cases that are still 'alive', i.e. ongoing, or even burning issues!!!

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