Webinar: Building Skills for Leadership and Consultancy

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Judit Németh-Almasi
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Webinar: Building Skills for Leadership and Consultancy

This is a discussion for those that participated in this particular webinar, but also for those that will participate in the Training of Trainers to take place in Budapest November and January. Please feel free to ask any question or make comments!

Ian Milligan
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webinar feedback please

Thanks to all those who were part of the Building Skills intro webinar this morning.  Please offer some feedback to myself and Irene; something in the webinar that you liked perhaps or found interesting. But also please give us feedback about anything that you have some questions about. Feel free to give us feedbac about how clear our accents are, our speed of talking. Were we quite clear throughout?


Izela Tahsini
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Hello, Ian, 

Hello, Ian, 

Thank you for the morning session. It was nice to have a feeling of the group beforehand. Also, the presentations of Irene and you created the idea that the training course will be focused on updating and expanding knowledge and skills, which is very refreshing. It's great to have the opportunity to take a break to focus on learning and reflecting (besides teaching and training others, etc). I am also interested to know about the work to be done before the first training (because of time issues).

Looking forward, Izela

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Recording of the webinar


If you missed it, here is a recording of the webinar:


Vesna Katalinic
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Thank you for the link of the

Thank you for the link of the webinar on You tube, I have shared this with RP-s from Croatia who havent been able to participate on the webinar that was held last week. I have also send them link of this forum subject, so probably they will ask some question!

Thank you!



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