About this project (Draft)


Football.childhub.org is an online platform, aiming to improve the knowledge, attitudes and practices in making football safe for children in Europe.  



This platform is dedicated to:

  • Any professional working directly or indirectly with children in football settings (clubs, NFAs, UEFA etc)
  • Any expert on the topic of child safeguarding in sport/football 
  • Any person interested in the topic of child safeguarding in football

The page is tailored to the needs of partly sighted and blended people. 



The platform has been developed in the framework of the partnership between UEFA and Terre des Hommes Foundation, aiming at improving the level of child safeguarding in football in Europe. The online community has been designed on a solid foundation, built on three main pillars:

  1. The high-level commitment of UEFA towards child safeguarding in football: https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/video/videoid=2616112.html   https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/organisation/congress/news/newsid=2590668.html
  2. The political commitment of FIFA on the topic of child safeguarding https://www.fifa.com/about-fifa/who-we-are/news/fifa-launches-child-safeguarding-programme-and-toolkit-fifa-guardianstm#fifa-guardianstm-presentation
  3. The interest of NAs in making football safe for children and the expressedneeds of frontline football professionalsto get support in improving their level of knowledge and practice on child safeguarding. This lead is supported by the result of the wide consultations with all NA representatives during several project events: 
    • Consultative workshop with NAs in Nyon, November 2018; 
    • Study Group Scheme for NAs in Frankfurt, March 2019; 
    • Grassroots Conference in Minsk, June 2019.   

The most frequently expressed needs have been clustered as follows:

  • Need for a specialized virtual place, gathering the key strategic and operational documents, events and developments related to child safeguarding in sport and more specifically, in football. The diversity of information in free internet access requires time and high- level specialization on the topic of safeguarding, both challenging for football professionals. 
  • Need for specialized capacity building activities tailored on the specific context of child safeguarding in football. 
  • Need for a facilitated professional exchange and sharing of good practices on child safeguarding. 
  • Need for a safe space to raise questions, issues and suggestions relevant to child safeguarding in football and get peer advise or external expert view.


The page is designed to answer the mentioned above needs and realities and is structured around 3 main components: Learn, Connect and Find out. 

LEARN option will offer to users the following opportunities: 

  • E-learning course on child safeguarding in football, provided by the project
  • Other e-learning courses relevant to the topic of safeguarding 
  • Awareness raising module on child safeguarding for football professionals
  • A set of webinars on topics of interest for participants
  • News from the field of child safeguarding in football 

CONNECT option will provide the users with the following advantages: 

  • A directory of child safeguarding experts in Europe and their contacts
  • An index with all NFAs and child safeguarding mandated persons and their contacts
  • A forum for questions and suggestions
  • The possibility to set up and maintain close communities of specialists tackling more sensitive issues (i.e. the community of child safeguarding focal points representing NAs)

FIND OUT option will provide: 

  • A library of thematic resources collected from NAs and other relevant sources/information providers 
  • Relevant projects for the topic (i.e. Hatrick- funded, developed with other partners etc)
  • Other useful links to relevant activities, partners etc. 

The platform will have four main languages, the official languages of UEFA: English, French, German and Russian. An embedded google translater will ensure the translation of materials into any other local languages. In the browser CROME there is an extension. The facilitation and content management of the platform will be ensured by an editorial board lead by Tdh. 



The platform will be hosted on a mobile-responsive webpage, offering the opportunity of access both through personal computer and mobile phone. 

Proposed levels to access the platform: 

There are 4 levels of access to the platform:

  • Level 1: Access without registration available for all interested people to explore the information in open access on the page: news, materials, multimedia etc.  This level aims at getting the interest of potential users. 
  • Level 2: The user registers with the professional mail, mentioning the name and position at clubs, NFA, UEFA or FIFA. The validation of the registration request goes to XXXXXX in UEFA or NA TBD with UEFA. After the registration, the user will have access to all resources and information provided by the platform only to verified users, specifically to the forums, e-learning opportunities, webinars. At this stage we will be able to track the participation and use the google analytics to adapt the project strategy. 
  • Level 3: To join a special community on the page, a request will be sent to the facilitator of the community, who will validate the request. This additional verification stage is needed due to the sensitive topics& contents that may be discussed or approached within communities, i.e. the community of child safeguarding focal points. 
  • Level 4: This stage is for a limited number of people, with the mandate of up-loading the content on the page, facilitating the forum or the communities, validating the user access. 

Football.childhub.org is designed and managed in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation:   

  • All services are hosted inside the European Union
  • Consent clearly and explicitly sought at time of registration with link to full privacy policy. 
  • No registration data other than email address is required
  • Data retention periods clearly defined in privacy policy
  • Controller and Data Protection Officer details clearly defined
  • Rights clearly explained including how to invoke those rights
  • Full privacy policy available at https://childhub.org/en/legal-information/data-protection

The online platform will be hosted by the childhub.org, within its existing IT infrastructure, built with leading open source content management and web framework tools – Drupal and Moodle. The platform runs on PHP, Apache and MySQL within a fully managed WHM/Cpanel environment hosted by professional external service providers.



The platform will be launched in September 2019 and will stay alive until it will be relevant for users.



This project is funded by:


Terre des hommes Regional Office
1027 Budapest,
Bem rakpart 50. T.1,

Phone: (36 1) 266-5922

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