In line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child we believe that children everywhere have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse.  This includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect (including exploitation and violence).

Furthermore we believe that we have a responsibility to safeguard children so that they are not harmed as a result of our activities and work at the Child Protection Hub.



Although a multi-agency collaboration, the Child Protection Hub is managed under the umbrella of Terre des hommes, and so the Terre des hommes’ Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures generally apply.  A copy of this policy can be found at http://www.tdh.ch/en/documents/child-protection-policy

Reflecting that the Child Protection Hub does not work directly with children and families, specifically within the Child Protection Hub, the following policies and procedures will apply:

1. We will ensure that those working for us, either as staff or as consultant, have the necessary skills and background for the role they are contracted, and are aware of their obligations to safeguard children under the Terre des hommes Safeguarding Policy.

2. We will encourage other organisations, through our relationships with them at the Child Protection Hub, to develop their own safeguarding / child protection policies.

3. Where we become aware of a child that may be in need of protection, we will work with all relevant agencies to support the child and ensure their protection.  In practice we will support the organisation working or in contact with the child to ensure that the case is appropriately managed, but if the agency does not want to take the issue forward or act upon our concerns we reserve the right to refer the case to the appropriate authorities.

4. All decisions made will be with the best interests of the child as a key consideration.

5. Within the Child Protection Hub, ultimate authority for child protection decisions will rest with Terre des hommes Regional Office Delegate who will act as the Child Safeguarding Focal Point in accordance with the Terre des hommes Safeguarding Policy.

6. All reports made and concerns raised will be taken seriously and acted upon.

7. We will monitor and review our safeguarding procedures on a regular basis to access where they can be improved.  This includes seeking feedback from users of the Child Protection Hub.