Childhub: July update

It is the middle of Summer, most people are on holiday, half of the addressees of the Newsletters have out-of-office replies. And it is good like this: everybody needs a break from work and have time with family!

Our office however is still going strong. We have just introduced gamification to the website: there are little characters that speak to you, ask you to do things, or congratulate you for having contributed. You can see who is on the website at that moment, what they are doing, and you can see how many points you have collected, compared to others. On your profile, you can see your points in detail and badges you have collected.

We have worked on this hard: to develop the concept and then to programme it, and there are still things to finish, like some translations, for example. It is our first experience of gamifying the website, and it looks like it is also the first gamified website for child protection professionals. Therefore, we strongly need to hear your feedback.  How do you like the new features? Which character is your favourite? What do you find the most attractive? Does it help you to go through the website?  What would you recommendto change?  Please share your ideas, recommendations!

Then, if you are on holiday, check out our film recommendations: on our facebook page we publish a film recommendation every Friday. These are always related to children’s issues: child development, family life and family problems, growing up, etc. Still,  they are mainstream films, entertaining, good for the weekend.

And... don’t forget to have fun and relax! Have a great summer and we hope to see you back in September! We are planning exciting new things for you!

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