January 2017

Hello readers! It has been a while. We hope you have had good holidays and that you are back at work with full swing. We have been quite busy in this period finishing the now ready child participation e-course! The other language versions should be ready by end of February. Another course on supervision will be available soon! With these courses ChildHub has finally introduced its own e-learnings! There will be two more courses coming online: one you have already seen, the multi-dsiciplinary child protection course developed by Tdh in Albania - will be available in English as well as other languages. And, last but not least we are working on an e-course on promoting participatory practice for children affected by sexual violence. Please stay tuned for more news on this!

This is not all! We would like to highlight two new functionalities of the ChildHub that you will surely find useful and interesting:

1. you can now subscribe to a sort of "rss feed": on your profile page you can click in the topics you are interested in, and if we are uploading new content in those topics, you will be notified. This way you do not need to come back and check each tim,e but we will let you know directly.

2. We now have a directory of organisations: we invite all of you to suggest your organisation which we can then publish with a logo. This way all the news, documents, events, and other items your organisation has will be linked to this profile and you can promote your organsiation on ChildHub. Please go to CONNECT and click on Organisational Directory

What's next? We have just conducted a mid-term review of the project, having asked close to 200 people in the 8 countries about their opinion and feedback. We received very useful comments and proposals and we will work on them this year.

Have a wonderful 2017 and we hope to see you on- and offline as well!

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