Looking to use your language skills for a good cause? – We are Recruiting Virtual Translators!

To extend the Child Protection Hub reach and make a greater impact in the South East Europe region, we are currently recruiting volunteer translators to translate content from English into the following languages:  Serbia/Croatian/Bosnian, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Bulgarian and Russian.

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering with Child Protection Hub/Terre des hommes can provide you with a unique opportunity to further develop your work experience and skills by dedicating a few hours per week to help translate and disseminate existing English content in other languages. By doing so, you can become part of the professional child protection community and connect with others with similar interests. Exposure to child protection topics while you volunteer will increase your overall knowledge in this field and in the South East Europe region. You will also significantly help child protection professionals to better serve their communities by providing them with access to information in their local languages.  Additionally, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your volunteership. 

Content you will translate

The Child Protection Hub covers an array of topics and you have the liberty to choose those that interest you most based on your time commitment and interests.  These are some of the types of content in need of translation:

  • Research summaries (ranging from 1-100 pages)
  • Infographics
  • Animated videos and subtitles
  • Short news
  • Website features

Join our international volunteers

Be part of our international team of volunteers. Current volunteers are located in Europe, Canada and the US. We also work with student volunteers from Oxford University, Central European University and York University. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity and join us.

Contact us to begin making a difference!

Please click here to see the full description of the vacancy and apply.

We look forward to working with you!


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