October Updates

This month the biggest news on ChildHub is the launch of our game where you can become Children's Ambassador for a day and try how you can make decisions for the world's children! The game is being promoted on facebook and we hope to attract new users - as well as engage our current registered users more!

What's even better is that by playing the game you are helping a soon-to-be selected project to get funding to assist marginalised children: for each game-play, Terre des hommes will be donating EUR 1 to a project. Which project? The call for applications will be out next week, and then you, the readers and players will have a chance to choose the winning project!

We welcome your feedback. How do you like the game?

We have also introduced a system you may already be familiar with on Linked-in: you can endorse your colleagues or fellow professionals for a specific skill or another: if you think that your colleague has specific skills, you can choose from a list and testify that this colleague has experience in those subjects. You can help your colleagues building their credibility and profile through endorsement, while you are collecting points.

Probably the change with the biggest impact however is our system, whereby you can get automatic alerts on your e-mail if there is new content on our website in a given topic. Let's say you are only interested in news and resources related to the refugee crisis: on your profile you can choose this topic, and then you will get e-mails (maximum daily) when new content is uploaded with this topic. This will hopefull ease your work, as you don't have to search for things but it will come straight to your e-mail.

Do you have an idea for improvement? Please write to us!


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