Slovenska Filantropija (Slovene Philanthropy)

Slovene Philanthropy, Association for promotion of voluntary work, is a humanitarian organization operating in public interest since 1992. Their programs are aimed at increasing the quality of life in the community and advocacy for the socially weak. The central activity of Slovene Philanthropy is the promotion of volunteering. They firmly believe that through volunteering we can all contribute to a better and more tolerant society, based on the respect of all people regardless of their personal or living circumstances.

The values Slovene Philanthropy advocates are: respect for nature and fellow man, solidarity, tolerance, equality and equal opportunities for all.

They combine various activities in program units that function within Slovene Philanthropy:

  • Volunteering;
  • Migrations;
  • Intergenerational cooperation;
  • Promotion of health;
  • International and development cooperation.

Segregation of society is increasing the number of areas that require the engagement of people in order to assure the values of a just society. Through their programs Slovene Philanthropy is entering areas not yet covered by national institutions or covered only to a certain degree: assistance to refugees, children and young migrants, aid for the homeless and other persons without health insurance in access to health services, advocacy of rights of migrant workers, establishment of intergenerational cooperation.

Their vision is a kind and secure society that offers a safe environment to all, even those who are for any reason unable to provide a comfortable existence for themselves and their families, through true partnership cooperation of national institutions, the economic sector and voluntary activities of citizens.

We firmly believe the quality of life in our community is our common responsibility, so we support initiatives that are in accordance with our values.

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