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Guidelines for meeting the needs of young people leaving social welfare system (Tools for trainers)
18 Jul 2018
Udruga Igra
"NGO Igra" and the "High-quality Foster Care Forum" are actively working on improving the quality of life of young people which are leaving social welfare system.
Summer internship "Practical Psychopathology - Interviewing and Counseling Skills" in Sofia, Bulgaria (Classroom learning)
02 Jul 2018
New Bulgarian University announced the summer internship "Practical Psychopathology - Interviewing and Counseling Skills" from 02.07 to 20.07.2018.
Foundations of Psychology (E-learning course)
02 Jul 2018
One of the reasons we want to understand human nature is so we can help people with psychological disorders. This course lays a foundation for understandings and further study in psychology.
Improving legal practice with children and young people (E-learning course)
27 Jun 2018
This online training tool - developed by TALE - is designed to support legal practitioners in making the legal process more sensitive to the rights and needs of child clients.  Children’s special and dependent status creates disti
Workshop on Child Safeguarding Focal Points in Bulgaria by Keeping Children Safe (Classroom learning)
12 Jun 2018
Keeping Children Safe are in the process of organizing a training program in Sofia, Bulgaria on the topic of Child Safeguarding Focal Points within organisations.
E-course on “Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring” (E-learning course)
18 Apr 2018
Provided by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, this course aims at providing training on both coaching and mentoring to be applied in emergency responses for those who work in the humanitarian field.
Fatherhood E-Learning Module [60 minutes to complete] (E-learning course)
04 Apr 2018
This is a short self-paced course, that provides an overview of key insights and data on the unique and irreplaceable role that fathers play in the well-being of their children.
One-day training on "Techniques for Working With Emotions /Psychological Support of Children/ - Shame and Guilt" (Classroom learning)
17 Mar 2018
The Pliska Consultation Center have organized a one-day training on "Techniques for Working With Emotions /Psychological Support of Children/ - Shame and Guilt". The event is entirely in Bulgarian.
Online course: Why Do People Migrate? Facts (E-learning course)
05 Feb 2018
This course provides an introduction to one of the most misunderstood issues in the modern world: migration.


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