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Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People (E-learning course)
06 Nov 2017
This free course, aimed at parents and professionals, is being offered as a guide to helping identify and deal with depression and low mood amongst teenagers and young people.
New Media for Children at the age for elementary school (Self study materials)
30 Oct 2017
This short document guides parents on how to manage their children when dealing with new media. New media such as computers, internet and mobile phones, but also television,  are very tempting for children at this age.
Youth Mental Health: Helping Young People with Anxiety (E-learning course)
11 Oct 2017
This course offers an introduction to the issue of anxiety among teenagers and young people. It is aimed at health professionals and teachers without specialist training in this area, and does not require any prior experience or knowledge.
E-learning on female genital mutilation (FGM) (E-learning course)
28 Sep 2017
The United to End Female Genital Mutilation Knowledge Platform has developed an e-course on the subject. It has multiple modules for professionals seeking information and advoice about FGM.
Stress and Crisis Mangement Training for social workers - in Hungarian (Classroom learning)
26 Sep 2017
A 3-day trainig on how to better manage crises in families. Even though crisis is frightening, it is an opportunity for learning.
Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives (E-learning course)
25 Sep 2017
"How do children overcome hazardous experiences to succeed in life? What can be done to protect young people at risk from trauma, war, disasters, and other adversities? Learn about the importance of fostering resilience in children at risk.
Intercultural training for law enforcement and social workers (in Hungarian) (Classroom learning)
21 Sep 2017
Artemisszio has been organising inter-cultural training for both representatives of law enforcemnet and for social workers.
New Guide to Working with Youth: Prevention of Gender-Based Violence (Tools for trainers)
15 Sep 2017
CARE Deutchland/Luxemburg
This is a training manual for experts and all people working with young people with the view of promoting a better and more successful promotion of gender equality and healthy lifestyles of young men and women by questioning, analyzing and deconst
Compassionate Care: Getting it Right (E-learning course)
01 Sep 2017
This free online course will explore the impact of compassionate care, for both practitioners and users of health and social care. Why join the course?


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