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Employment Support Programme for Street Involved Youth [Video]
video19 Dec 2020
Published by Center for Youth Integration
Center for Youth Integration has developed Employment Support Programme for street involved youth, aiming to increase the employability of this group of young people through a comprehensive support system, empowerment and inclusion in the system.
"Hair Love" [Video]
video05 Dec 2020
Hair Love, an Oscar-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry, tells the heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.
”Letter to the Judge” – childhood sexual abuse survivors send a message [Video]
video21 Feb 2020
Published by National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse Moldova
The short film “Letter to the Judge” has been produced by the National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse (NCCAP), together with 5 childhood sexual abuse survivors.
Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet! [Video]
video12 Feb 2020
Safer Internet Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 11 February 2020, when, once again, stakeholders joined forces across the globe to work "Together for a better internet".
Galina Ryom-Røjbek's story and the idea of social integration through physical activity [Website link]
websitelink04 Feb 2020
The Bulgarian NOVA television shared the story of Galina Ryom-Røjbek, who is a world unicycle champion and through the idea of "social circus" inspires children to believe in themselves.
The story of Sidi! [Video]
video02 Feb 2020
Published by Terre des hommes in Albania
The case of the 13 years old girl abused by the mother [Video]
websitelink27 Jan 2020
Published by Terre des hommes Albania
The well-known psychologist, Denata Toce shares her professional opinion on the case of violence of a mother against her 13-year-old daughter, a case that became mediatic during January 2020.
Trends in Child Protection and Promising Practices in Hungary [Video]
video15 Jan 2020
Published by
Dr. Maria Herczog, sociologist, child protection expert, President of the Hungarian Association "Families, Children and Youth", was interviewed by the tv station ATV.
Young people use Harry Potter to explore feelings of loneliness in school [Video]
video13 Jan 2020
Annually, children and young people in the services of 'The Children's Society' are given money to cover the expenses of a project important to them.
Social worker's burnout (Child Hub Infographic)
infographic19 Dec 2019
This infographic provides some quick information on burnout, including it's factors and how to deal with it as an organisation or individually.


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