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Going back to school, a special event for Roma children in Moldova [Document]
document03 Oct 2017
Published by Terre des hommes
Faced with the problem of continued social exclusion of Roma communities in the country, Terre des hommes Moldova has successfully implemented a project aimed at encouraging school attendance among Roma children, and facilitating their integration
Disney presented the topic of same sex marriages in their favorite cartoon Doc McStuffins
video29 Sep 2017
Published by Disney TV show
After photographing a little girls princesses covered in mud, Disney, in the well-known children's cartoon, Doc McStuffins, handled the s
Social Service Workforce [Infographic]
infographic25 Sep 2017
Published by UN
A strong social service workforce is comprised of  paid and unpaid govermental and NGO workers who ensure the healthy development and well-being of children and families worldwide.
LoveGuide Videos on Sexual Exploitation and Violence (In Bulgarian) [Video]
video18 Sep 2017
Published by LoveGuide
Three videos on sexual exploitation and violence. They are realized by the LoveGuide team, which answers questions related to sex and intimate relationships, exciting young people, with the help of short videos. Here are the links to them:
"Every Moment Is Important" [Video]
video17 Sep 2017
Published by UNICEF Serbia
In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' Affairs and Social Affairs, UNICEF Serbia has launched a national campaign called "Every
Sustainable Development Goals/SDG - Do you know all 17 goals? [Video]
video15 Sep 2017
The Sustainable Development Goals help build peace by improving life all around the globe. Do you know all 17 goals?
"Real Wishes" [Video]
video12 Sep 2017
Published by Remarker Media
One of the famous Serbian young actor, Slaven Doslo, spent some time with Enver, 15 years old beneficiary of Drop in Shelter for street involved children, service provided by Center for Youth Integration, from Belgrade, Serbia.
Prevention of juvenile delinquency, rehabilitation and social reintegration of minors from Moldova discussed in a TV show [Video] [Childhub Advocacy]
video06 Sep 2017
Prevention of juvenile delinquency, rehabilitation and social reintegration of minors discussed in the TV show "Common Objective" from TVR Moldova with participation of Olivi
RADIO TALK SHOW: Prevention of juvenile delinquency in Moldova. [Childhub Advocacy] [Video]
video06 Sep 2017
Published by Radio Chișinău
During this 50-minute talk, hosted on September 5, 2017, by the "Coffee Break" show at Radio Chisinau, the journalist together with Ana Racu, deputy director of Tdh M
Juvenile delinquency in Moldova discussed in a TV show [Video] [Childhub Advocacy]
video05 Sep 2017
Published by NorocTV Moldova
Juvenile delinquency is a topical issue in the Republic of Moldova.


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