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Drop in Shelter: The responsibility of all of us [Video]
video21 May 2017
Published by Center for Youth Integration
This video is created on the occasion of 10th Birthday Anniversary of Drop in Shelter for Street Involved Children in Belgrade, Serbia.
Helping children develop resilience, manage stress and strong emotions using the ‘90 Second Rule’ [Document]
document04 May 2017
Published by A Lust for Life
Fiona Forman - co-author of Weaving Well-Being, a new positive health school programme- wrote a short article about the 90-second rule and how that can help children manage stress. The rule originates from Dr.
Building Resilience in Children – 20 Practical, Powerful Strategies (Backed by Science) [Website link]
websitelink04 May 2017
Published by Hey Sigmund
Written by Karen Young the article describes how resilience can be nurtured in children. The article suggests 20 different things. 
Hungarian Office of UNICEF takes on cyber bullying (Video)
video27 Apr 2017
Published by UNICEF
The Hungarian office of UNICEF has started a campaign to raise awareness about cyber bullying among teenagers called "Chatlogs Coming to Life". The video "enacts" an actual, real-life chatlog among youngsters.
Eurochild reminding that poverty and social exclusion must be tackled early - Infographic (Infographic)
infographic25 Apr 2017
More than 1 in 4 children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, putting them in disadvantage for the rest of their lives. 
The truth about self-harming (Infographic)
infographic24 Apr 2017
Published by Terre des hommes Albania
This infograph is based on the booklet with the same name that aims to help children and teenagers understand more about self-harm and what to do if you are worried about yourself for someone else.
Child rights Report Hungary 2016 (Video) (Video)
video19 Apr 2017
Published by Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány
Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány published a video of its yearly report on the status of child rights in Hungary.  
Promising Futures: Promoting Resiliency Among Children and Youth Experiencing Domestic Violence (Infographic)
infographic18 Apr 2017
Published by Futures Without Violence
Futures Without Violence, an American organisation collects information, resources on the effect of trauma on children who experience violence. They also developed a campaign against violence.
"This is our time. Will you stand with me?" (Video)
video11 Apr 2017
Published by Consortium for Street Children
Every day, millions of street-connected children suffer multiple and repeated violations of their rights.
Exploitation/trafficking: rights of isolated minors or children in danger (Video)
video11 Apr 2017
Published by ECPAT
These videos have been developed within the framework of the project Reinforcing Assistance to Child Victims of Trafficking (ReACT) and were produced by five ECPAT groups (Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK) in close collaboratio


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