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The Squiggle Game Approach by Donald Winnicott [Video]
video07 Feb 2018
Published by LZM Studio
This video presents an approach to the psychoanalytical process that can be quite fun.
HR Poligraf: Violence against and among children [Audio]
audio02 Feb 2018
Published by HR Poligraf
On February 2nd 2018, in the Croatian Radio "Poligraf", the topic of violence against and among children was discussed.
"Preschool children in Digital world" [Infographic]
infographic22 Jan 2018
Published by RODA - Roditelji u akciji
In cooperation with the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb and with the financial assistance of the City of Zagreb, NGO Roda made an  infographic entitled "Preschool children in Digital World", in which the data of the C
The Value of Social Work at the "Worlds" Day Centre - A Video by Alma Mater TV [Video]
video18 Dec 2017
Published by Alma Mater TV
"Alma Mater TV" introduces Stay Informed: Worlds (Vlez Vuv Chas: Svetove) - a Bulgarian short film about social work at the Worlds (Svetove) centre. The video shows "the challenges, the beauty and the importance of social work".
"A trip to the furniture store these parents won’t forget" - UNICEF [Video]
video20 Nov 2017
Published by UNICEF
You won’t believe what this furniture store tried to sell to their customers. Children experience violence across all stages of childhood and in all settings.
The protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse facilitated by information and communication technologies [Video]
video17 Nov 2017
Published by Council of Europe
On 18 November, the Council of Europe will celebrate the 3rd edition of the European Day on the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.
World Children's Day, November 20th [Video]
video14 Nov 2017
Published by UNICEF
Get involved in World Children’s Day – 20 November! This is a day for children, by children, all over the world to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential. It’s a #KidsTakeOver.
The impact of domestic abuse - Children's voices [Video]
video07 Nov 2017
Published by Future learn
What were the main issues that children found difficult in dealing with when their circumstances - parents had separated due to domestic abuse – had to be mediated by the courts? Please watch the video on the link:
Impact of information technology on children [Video]
video07 Nov 2017
Published by Kohavision
Children today are much more exposed to information technology and this video highlights the need to manage the time of children related to the use of information technology equipment.
2nd phase of The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign [Video]
video06 Nov 2017
Within the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign, a new video was launched.


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