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Animated short movie "Our families" (Video)
video23 Mar 2017
Published by Udruga Roda
This animated short movie tells about various forms of families who all have something in common - they are the most valuable place to grow up; a place where we all feel loved and know that there is always someone with us.
Team to victory (Video)
video14 Mar 2017
Published by Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia MODS
Five national representatives of water polo team of Serbia - Andrija Prlainović, Dusko Pjetlović, Filip Filipovic, Zivko Gocić and Milan Aleksic are the main actors of the video "Team  to victory" aimed at promoting the rights of children in Serbi
Gender in the European Refugee Crisis [ChildHub Infographic]
infographic08 Mar 2017
Published by Child Protection Hub for South East Europe
This ChildHub infographic looks at demographics of the refugee population arriving in Europe with a special focus on women and girls.
Gender-Specific Risks and Challenges for Refugees During the Refugee Crisis [ChildHub Infographic]
infographic08 Mar 2017
Published by Child Protection Hub for South East Europe
This ChildHub infographic presents the main risks and challenges refugee women and girls face, such as lack of facilities and shelter segregated by sex, insufficient access to dignity kits and healthcare, lack of gender-sensitive access to informa
Escalating GIF's against Bullying (Video)
video08 Mar 2017
Published by European Antibullying Network
This European Antibullying Network video aims to present teens the consequences of bullying through one of their favorite ways of communication: GIFs.
Zakon o hraniteljstvu FBiH - infografika (Infographic)
infographic02 Mar 2017
Published by Hope and hommes for Children, Published by World Vision BiH, Published by SoS sela BiH, Published by SCiNWB
U okviru reforme socijalne zaštite u Federaciji BiH, u Februaru 2017. godine, usvojen je Zakon o hraniteljstvu/udomiteljstvu, od strane Parlamenta Federacije BiH,
World Vision campaign "It Takes a World" to tackle violence against children - Infographic (Infographic)
infographic02 Mar 2017
Published by World Vision
World Vision launched "It Takes a World" five-year campaign to tackle violence against children - Infographic More info at:
Latest Developments in Deinstitutionalisation Across Europe (Infographic)
infographic02 Mar 2017
Published by Opening Doors
The Better Care Network published the infographic of Opening Doors about the status of deinstitutionalisation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Ukraine, moldova, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland and Romania. 
Child Safeguarding - a new film we created on Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding (Video)
video27 Feb 2017
Published by Save The Children
Please see a new film on Child Safeguarding, created by Save the Children at: or below. Child Safeguarding - everyone’s responsibility.
Going to work abroad? Some recommendations to protect your child (Video)
video20 Feb 2017
This video is addressed to parents who intend to go abroad to work. It contains several recommendations for the protection of children who remain at home, such as the need to tell the child about the intention to go abroad well before leaving, to


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