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Children's views on Migration [Video]
video18 Aug 2017
Eurochild and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights have produced a video, interviewing children on their views about migration as a starting point for panel discussions at their June 2017
The number of divorces is growing in Kosovo, children the main victims [Video]
video16 Aug 2017
The Kosovo Agency of Statistics has published divorce rates during 2016. According to these statistics, within 2016, 1110 divorces occurred. Kosovo divorces are happening mostly during the first year of marriage.
Mother and Baby Corner - Serbia [Infographic]
infographic01 Aug 2017
Published by Terre des hommes Hungary
Terre des hommes in collaboration with the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre, are striving to efficiently facilitate the deliverance of imperative support towards efforts to better protect children along with their families.
New Migrants Face Old Terrors on Balkan Route [Video]
video25 Jul 2017
A new wave of migrants crossing the Balkans in search of safety in the EU is bringing fresh testimonies of the violence and abuse that especially await women and children along the way.
Infographic about children whose parents are imprisoned [Infographic]
infographic11 Jul 2017
Published by Udruga Roda
During June, European countries are campaigning for children whose parents are in prison, with the aim of raising awareness of the specific conditions and circumstances in which these children are growing up, "Not my crime, still my sentence".
Lemonade Day event, July 15th, Center for Youth Integration [Video]
video10 Jul 2017
Published by Center for Youth Integration
The idea of the event is that every bar and cafe donate it's income collected from selling lemonade on that day to Drop in Shelter for Street Involved Children - a service running by Center for Youth Integration.
9 principles to guide actions concerning children on the move [Video]
video07 Jul 2017
Recommended Principles to Guide Actions Concerning Children on the Move and Other Children Affected by Migration
Recommended principles to guide actions concerning children on the move and other children affected by migration [Document]
document07 Jul 2017
These documents have been prepared by Jacqueline Bhabha and Mike Dottridge as part of a consultative process of a large number of experts from UN agencies, academics, donor agencies and civil society organisations.
Oumar, a 16 year old boy from Ghana, in his foster family in Italia [Video]
video07 Jul 2017
Published by UNICEF
Oumar, a 16 year old boy, survived a terrifying journey from Ghana to Italy.  Now he lives in a foster family in Italy and he was rescued twice - once by the Italian coast guard, and once by his new foster family.  
Video on Nonviolent Communication Basics [Video]
video06 Jul 2017
Published by Films for Action
This video is a useful presentation by the psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of the communicative process of "nonviolent communication". The lecture is part of a workshop held in San Francisco, USA in April 2000.


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