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In-game Chat: What Parents and Carers Need to Know [Video]
video30 Jun 2020
Published by Thinkuknow
While online gaming is popular and fun, it can expose children to harm or risk. UKie and Thinkuknow teamed up to give advice about online games and chat.
Pandemic is pushing marginalised children even further from education [Video]
video25 Jun 2020
Published by TheirWorld
"Theirworld's disability and inclusion consultant says inclusive education must be widened to include all learners regardless of background, identity and ability."
The Field: a new podcast by Terre des hommes. Episode 1: The silent victims of Covid-19 [Audio]
audio22 Jun 2020
Published by Terre des hommes
Have you always dreamt of doing humanitarian work, but never dared to take the plunge?
Intersectionality: Seeing the whole person [Infographic]
infographic19 Jun 2020
PhD researchers and joint directors of Listen Up Reseach have contributed to an understanding of intersectionality within social work with young people.
Superheroes on the move who changed our lives [Video]
video18 Jun 2020
Published by Save the Children NWB
Since 2015, the Western Balkans Route has been one of the most used routes for refugees and migrants from Middle East and Northern African countries trying to reach safety in Europe.
Child-friendly video on street children's rights during the Covid-19 pandemic [Video]
video17 Jun 2020
Published by Consortium for Street Children
Consortium for street children has published the first in a series of child-friendly videos on street children's rights during the Covid-19 pandemic.
EndeavorRX - a prescribed video game for children with ADHD [Video]
video16 Jun 2020
Published by Akili Interactive
Akili Interactive’s EndeavorRX it’s the first video game that can legally be marketed and prescribed as medicine in the US.
Safer Internet [Video]
video11 Jun 2020
Published by Better Internet for Kids
The Hungarian Safer Internet Centre published a new short video on online bullying as part of the European Union Better Internet for Kids programme.
Managing unexpected endings and transitions [Document]
document10 Jun 2020
Published by Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families
The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families created a practical guide to support pupils and students to manage change during periods of disruption.
[Hungary] Locked up - Film on Domestic Violence [Video]
video04 Jun 2020
Actors from the Örkény Theater made a short film about relationship violence.


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