10 Video-Lessons: Key Aspects of Child Protection (Video)

Terre des hommes Moldova
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24 Mar 2016

Every year thousands of children are in contact with the justice system of Moldova. They can be victims, witnesses or suspects of crimes. These children should be met by a system which understands and respects their rights and vulnerabilities.

Terre des homes Moldova comes with a series of 10 video-lessons for specialists working in child protection or are in contact with children in their work, but also for the general public, regarding key aspects of child protection, particularly focusing on the protection of children in contact with the justice system. The goal of this educational cycle is to improve existing knowledge and practices, as well as strengthen the skills necessary in child education or in the work with children at risk.

This video course is specifically targeted at child protection specialists, social assistants, police workers, psychologists, family doctors, teachers. The subjects are equally accessible to parents, carers, foster parents or other interested persons.

Terre des hommes-Moldova proposes these video lessons for the use of specialists in professional training workshops and seminars on child protection. Teachers can use them as information material in meetings with the parents.

The subjects of the video lessons are as follows:

  1. Age characteristics of children
  2. Children's needs
  3. The profile of the child in contact with the law: the victim child, the witness child, the child in conflict with the law
  4. Child protection policies
  5. Prevention of torture and illegal arrest
  6. Protecting the child's image in the media
  7. Communicating with the child
  8. Interviewing the child
  9. The specialist's intervention when a child victim of a crime is identified
  10. The specialist's intervention when a child suspected of a crime is identified

The video lessons can be viewed according to the proposed order, or separately, depending on your needs and interests. The course is available in Romanian and English (except lesson 4, 9 and 10). All the video-lessons are attached below or can be viewed on YouTube: playlist in Romanian and playlist in English.

Below are videos of the full course.

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