Children presented the project "Right(s) court for children" at Catholic radio in Croatia (Audio)

Date published: 
07 Jun 2016

Sara Pejaković and Antonela Šoljić, participants of the project "Right (s) court for children" presented the project together with it coordinator in Croatia, Vesna Katalinić.

Girls are attending Graphic school in Zagreb and in the radio program they shared their experiences and thoughts regarding the position of children in judicial proceedings. Project Coordinator presented the project, as well as plans for the next year.

Right(s) court for children is a project that works with children in four countries  of EU.  The goal of the project is to raise awareness and improve knowledge of children about their rights in court proceedings (whether they appear in court as victims, perpetrators or witnesses) as well as the promotion of justice according to their needs. The end result of the project is an educational online game for children on the theme of children's rights in the judicial process, created according to the recommendations and ideas of children involved in the project. During the project implementation, in addition to monthly meetings with children participants, the project includes  activities like visiting courtrooms, workshops between children and judicial officials in order to educate children about their rights, but also to sensitize the employees for the best interest of the child.

You can listen the whole radio show on this link below.


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