COVID-19 Considerations for Child Protection Case Management-Cox's Bazar [Document]

Date published: 
19 Mar 2020

The guidance focuses on 5 priority areas to focus on:

1. awareness: increase awareness of vulnerable target groups about COVID-19.

2. Referral pathways: health pathways should be updated to include COVID-19. and continue ensuring that medical staff makes the referral in case of child abuse

3. case management:prioritise high risk cases, i.e. child-headed households, children with elderly caregivers or caregivers with pre-existing medical condition..

Establish alternative mechanisms to ensure that children’s well-being are followed up and checked on even if communities would face restrictions on movement and/or CP actors has limitied or no access to the community.  Use of phone is suggested if coverage/signal is satisfactory and Caseworkers should also coordinate with their CM Volunteers if appropriate.  

4. Family separation and Alternative Care: Alternative care solutions need to be identified in case caregivers fall sick and are quarantined.

5. Capacity building of Caseworkers and CM Volunteers.train staff and volunteers about risks COVID-19 pose for children, and educate frontline staff about sanitation.

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