Engaging Fathers Part 1 [Audio]

Children's Bureau: An Office of the Administration for Children and Families
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08 Dec 2016

Imperative to the wellbeing and nurturing of a child, is the presence of the father and paternal family members. Services related to child protection may front obstacles when reaching out and engaging in contact with paternal family members and fathers who do not possess custody over their child. Having this being said, there are many established initiatives that provide support to such organizations in order to better their capability in incorporating fathers and paternal familial members, while providing encouragement for the permanent presence of the father and related family members in the life of the child.

Child Welfare Information Gateway has initiated a podcast divided into three sections, relating to the involvement of fathers and the collaboration of working with fatherhood programs. The first part features a discussion with heads of local fatherhood organizations in which commonalities were reached among the participants as well as an exchange of perspectives in discussions regarding:

  • The analysis of the father's worth in the lives of their children
  • Establishing a welfare structure that may be deemed as "father-friendly"
  • Identifying noncustodial fathers within one's neighborhood and community
  • Parenting with fatherhood programs as a tool to strengthen child wellbeing
  • Sharing the views of fathers which are often neglected and unheard of

The first portion of this podcast will primarily be looking at two things: 1.) Issues of organizations looking for and approaching the noncustodial father. 2.) Relative legislative concerns 

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