How can we help young people build a better future - TED talk [Video]

Date published: 
14 Nov 2018

An inspiring TED talk by the UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore, talking about the responsibility adults have to give young people a fighting chance for their futures. “Meeting their (young people`s) needs will be a big challenge but also a big opportunity” she says.  Referring to the young people as a Generation Unlimited, Ms Fore explores their – very justified – fears. Fears not to have access to education, skills applicable in the future, employment, having to compete with a fierce competition. Fears of violence, exclusion, bullying, harassment, abuse and violence. And sadly, they are right. This is why UNICEF and its partners are launching a new initiative “Generation Unlimited” calling out for new, innovative solutions for the obstacles young people are facing. “We are going to co-design and co-create with young people. They are going to be in the driver seat, steering us all along the way” says Ms Fore.

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