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30 Apr 2019

Seven INSPIRE strategies for ending violence against children is a compilation of effective, evidence-based interventions to support countries in ending violence against children. Measures recommended have proven to be effective in different countries around the world and can easily be tailored to the local context and local needs. The INSPIRE Handbook describes seven strategies and good practices from countries all over the world that have proven to be effective in reducing violence against children.

The seven strategies are:

1) Implementation and enforcement of laws

2) Norms and values

3) Safe environments

4) Parent and caregiver support

5) Income and economic strengthening

6) Response and support services - According to the INSPIRE Handbook "When children have suffered violence, it is crucial to identify, help, and protect them from further harm. Coordination among child- and adolescent-centered social service, health, and justice systems can promote safety, provide appropriate care and prevent secondary and re-victimization." Often, however, effective cooperation between different agencies is missing, forcing children victims of violence to undergo many interviews with staff that is not trained to work with them, waiting for lengthy judicial procedures, lacking proper medical examination or therapeutic services. Barnahus model was set up in Iceland in 1998 with an aim to tackle precisely those issues. This child-friendly multiagency response to child abuse provides all services under one roof for children victims of violence of abuse. Currently present in more than 60 locations, Barnahus concept can be adapted to any country and any setting. Learn more below!

7) Education and life skills.

To learn more about INSPIRE strategies and how Childhub has been working with others to promote INSPIRE and reduce violence against children click here.

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