LoveGuide Videos on Sexual Exploitation and Violence (In Bulgarian) [Video]

Date published: 
18 Sep 2017

Three videos on sexual exploitation and violence. They are realized by the LoveGuide team, which answers questions related to sex and intimate relationships, exciting young people, with the help of short videos. Here are the links to them:

Sexual exploitation, Part 1

Sexual exploitation - sounds scary, doesn't it? And it really is. We'll explain what this is and who can become a victim. If the worst happens to you or your friend, call: National Telephone Line for Children: 116 111 Hotline for Victims of Violence: 0800 186 76; 02/981 76 86 Free legal and psychological consultations at the Nadya Center 241-hour hotline 981 93 00.

Sexual Exploitation, Part 2

It can be very scary and ruin your life. That's why we'll tell you how to protect yourself, how you can recognize if someone is a victim of sexual exploitation, and what to do if the worst happens.

Sexual harassment

The first association that comes to mind when you hear "sex" and "harassment" is most likely "rape". Yes, this is unfortunately happening, but it is just one of the many forms of sexual harassment and is by no means the most common.

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