MGS Activity : Names and gestures [Video]

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10 Jan 2019

A creative activity to learn names in a group that does not know each other, or a ritual to begin a session in order to consolidate relations in a fun and creative way through names and gestures.

Psychosocial: to develop self-expres- sion through movement and creativity to express one’s identity through a specific gesture. Each personality can be asserted and differentiated from the other. Self-confidence is also devel- oped in this game because each
Physical: nothing particular, apart from making precise movements.

6 years and older

The group is standing in a circle with space between each player.The anima- tor says his own first name while mak- ing a gesture to identify himself. The others watch carefully and, when he has finished, repeat the gesture, all at the same time, while repeating the name with the same intonation. The next person says his or her own name with a different gesture from the first person, and the others repeat it. And so on until everyone has said their name with a gesture.

Children playing this game for the first time will probably feel uncomfortable expressing themselves with their body while saying their name out loud. It is up to the animator to encourage them so that they get over their shy- ness. Children also have a tendency to copy the previous player’s gesture. Insist on the unique aspect of the per- sonality and that each gesture must therefore be unique.
It is often necessary to have a second round insisting that each player use their creativity and make clear ges- tures.
This activity can be done several times, at several sessions with the same group of children. It is also pos- sible to vary the type of gestures: ani- mals, professions, etc.
With older children, 9 years and up, one can be more demanding in the gesture and imitation of it.

-    Was it difficult to think of a gesture for yourself that is different from the others? Can you explain?
-    How did you feel when everyone copied your gesture while saying your name in unison?
-    Is it difficult to copy exactly what the others do? Can you explain?
-    Can you learn new things about your friends with this game? How?
-    Can you think of other gestures, other criteria than the personality? Which?
-    Etc.

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