Movement, games, sport: 06) Chain tag [Video]

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Date published: 
16 Jan 2019

6 years and older

Classic tag game with an element of cooperation. Ideal for changing the group’s mind set and letting off steam.

One or more players are designated as chasers (approx. one for every five players).Their aim is to catch the other players as quickly as possible within a clearly defined area. As soon as a play- er has been touched he becomes a chaser too. The new pair of chasers holds onto each other and can’t let go. When they catch a third player, the chase continues in threesome, still without letting go. When they catch a fourth player the two pairs separate and continue chasing.
Once the chasers have found strate- gies to chase, the number of chasers that stay linked together can be increased up to six players who can then separate into two threesomes, or eight divided into four and four. The difficulty can increase until all the play- ers are joined in one long chain. If the chasers let go of each other, the animator can introduce a penalty, such as hopping instead of running for 30 seconds or anything else, but without exclusion....

Psychosocial: to develop cooperative strategies and learn to respect each other through careful physical contact. Physical: to improve the coordination of their movements, as well as their reaction (changes of direction) and speed.

This game is very easy and lively and it introduces the notion of cooperation in a simple way. Having to run in pairs or threesomes makes the children move from working as individuals to working in a group. To succeed, the chasers need to agree on a strategy and thus have to communicate.
The chasers in the same group tend to aim for different victims by pulling their companions in opposite directions. They inevitably let go. The animator needs to remind the children of the aim of the game which is to take the others into consideration and stay linked all the time. He can give them some time to find a new way of hold- ing on to each other (holding hands, linking arms, arms round each other’s waist).
The children also need to be remind- ed to be honest and accept to join the chain of chasers when they are touched.

-    Did you like running together? Can you explain?
-    Was it easy or difficult? Can you explain?
-    What strategies did you use to cooperate? Did you collaborate with other chains?
-    Was there a strategy amongst the victims to escape from the chasers?
-    Etc.

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