Movement, games, sport: 12) Mirror [Video]

Terre des hommes Ukraine
Date published: 
29 Jan 2019

12 years and older

An ideal activity for developing har- mony between two people through synchronisation of movements and non-verbal communication.

The players stand in a line facing each other, in silence. Player A is the model and player B is the mirror. A makes a slow, careful movement and B copies it at the same time. B must concentrate to try and anticipate A’s movements and to be a real mirror not just a delayed reflection. A must make sure B can follow. The movements must not be too complicated to begin with. It is important to find good non-verbal communication. Swap roles.

Psychosocial: to focus the attention, to observe and stay concentrated, while also developing their creativity and physical expression.
Physical: nothing in particular apart from making precise movements.
It is important to remind the players that they need cooperation. In the beginning there will be laughter, but sooner or later the pairs will concentrate and collaborate to make the activity more interesting. The more harmony there is between players the more complex the gestures can be.
The animator can give an extra instruction and ask them to tell a story with movements.
In order to stress cooperation and adaptability, it is recommended to change pairs.

-    Which was your favourite role - the model or the one copying? Can you explain? Was there a connection with your every day behaviour?
-    Is it difficult to think of gestures and invent stories? Can you explain?
-    Was it easier to do this exercise with certain people? Can you explain?
-    What could this activity be useful for?
-    Etc.

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