Movement, games, sport: 13) Stop and go [Video]

Terre des hommes Ukraine
Date published: 
30 Jan 2019

12 years and older

A calm, non-verbal game, well-adapt- ed for starting or ending a session because it is done walking in silence. Ideal for observing the harmony and group dynamics between players.

The game is played in several stages in a predefined area. The players are divided into two groups, group A and B, consisting of six to ten players each.
a.    Group A is walking and group B is standing still. Once the animator claps his hands the groups change roles: group A stands still and group B starts walking.
b.    Same again (group A walks around and group B stands still), however this time they swap roles when a member of group A decides.
c.    Same again, but when a member of group B decides.
d.    Same again, but the decision can come from either group A or group B.

Progression: in another session, it can be made more lively and motivating by running or even dribbling a basketball or football.

Psychosocial: to work on non-verbal communication skills, observation, concentration, strategic thinking and cooperation.
Physical: nothing in particular except some endurance if running.

It is important to carefully observe the dynamics within the group and the role that each person takes on. It is also interesting to see if there are one or more leaders and which strategy is used to succeed.
The animator must give the players time to get their bearings and interrupt the game early enough to see what strategy they are using: staying bunched up together? Having a designated leader? The larger the area, the more difficult the game is, for players tend to spread out when in fact staying close would make it easier.

-    Was there one leader or several? Can you explain?
-    How did the players feel who didn’t lead but were following?
-    Was it difficult to stay connected with the players in your group? Can you explain?
-    What was the strategy used to make it work?
-    Did you pay attention to each other? Was there any cooperation?
- Etc.

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