The story of Vesko - from a Special Needs School to a role model [Video]

Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion
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24 Jul 2019

Nova Television (Bulgaria) told the story of Vesko, who spent four years in a special-needs school without any mental disabilitiy and yet has escaped the trap of marginalization. You can see Vesko's full story in the shared video clip in Bulgarian.

Vesko was left by his parents in a special-needs school because of their inability to care for him - his mother has slight mental retardation, and his father is with a stroke and schizophrenia. Vesko was not the only child without a mental disability who was forced to spend part of their life in the special-needs school. After these 4 difficult years, he was moved to an orphanage. Being from a poor family, Vesko was the victim of bullying at school. However, he decided to show the world that he is not what society deems him to be. Vesko started work and saved money to help his family. He managed to create favorable family conditions in his family home through his labor and managed to return his sister to the family who had been taken away from social services. Nowadays, Vesko lives in a home provided by the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion, works as an assistant chef and is studying to become a programmer.

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