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Parental involvement in sport - new podcast series [Audio]
audio02 Nov 2018
Published by Child Protection in Sport Unit NSPCC
The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) has launched a series of podcasts to share safeguarding guidance and best practice.
How kids can help design cities - TED talk [Video]
video01 Nov 2018
Published by TED
A talk from Mara Mintzer, an Urban planner and a Community engagement specialist, specialized in engagi
School as a safe place [Video]
video15 Oct 2018
Published by The Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia – MODS
When faced with different challenges during childhood, why are some children struggling with difficulty and prevail, while others have scars that interfere with their development?
Laughter Yoga at WORLDS Day Care Centre [Video]
video10 Oct 2018
We are sharing this Bulgarian news coverage about the volunteer Gabriela Danailova and her sessions of Laughter Yoga which she holds at the Worlds Day Care Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.
What is happening with upbringing of children today? Is there a shift in self-consciousness? [Video]
video05 Oct 2018
Published by Udruga Igra
As part of the Mental Health Program launched in 2015, Croatian NGO Igra has launched the Youtube Channel that talks about Mental Health. The purpose of this channel is to raise public awareness and talk about mental health issues.
I can do different: Brave Phone campaign [Video]
video05 Oct 2018
Published by Hrabri telefon
  Campaign "I can do different" is a part of of the EU project "From policy to reality - shifting attitudes and practices from corporal punishment to safeguarding children".
Juvenile Justice Pathways [ChildHub Infographics]
infographic03 Oct 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This infographic outlines pathways in the juvenile justice system, and shows how diversion and restorative justice fit into a traditional criminal justice system.
Technology Adoption and Strategy Considerations [ChildHub Infographic]
infographic03 Oct 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This infographic provides some useful insights on technology adoption.
Technology in Child Protection [ChildHub video]
video03 Oct 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This video talks about the use of technologyt in child protection.


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