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Juvenile Justice Pathways [ChildHub Infographics]
infographic03 Oct 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This infographic outlines pathways in the juvenile justice system, and shows how diversion and restorative justice fit into a traditional criminal justice system.
Technology Adoption and Strategy Considerations [ChildHub Infographic]
infographic03 Oct 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This infographic provides some useful insights on technology adoption.
An Unaccompanied or Separated Minor's Path to Asylum [ChildHub Infographic]
infographic04 Sep 2018
Published by Child Protection Hub
This infographic presents a path to aszlum that an unaccompanied or separated child takes.   Sources:
Children and war - the generation that is growing without a home and without security (Interview with Kalina Yordanova) [Video] [Video]
video07 Aug 2018
Published by BITelevision
We are sharing this BITelevision interview with the psychologist from the Assistance Center for Tortured Survivors, Kalina Yordanova, on the issue of the refugee crisis and children who are the most vulnerable victims of it.
About gender considerations in statistics [Infographic]
infographic03 Aug 2018
Published by Women's Consortium of Ukraine
Often, when we talk about gender, we talk about adults. Even at the state level, statistics are often collected according to the principle - men, women, children, while it should be - men, women, boys, girls.
"Takimi" - The meeting; An awareness raising spot on LGBT [Video]
video27 Jul 2018
Published by Historia Ime
  Several casual people have been invited to be part of a spot and are placed opposite the cameras on a two-chaired desk without any information on what will happen.
Brené Brown on Empathy [Video]
video20 Jul 2018
What is the best way to ease someone's pain and suffering?


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