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Child Protection — Get Informed Protect Children
Published by UNICEF
In emergencies — whether rapid onset natural disaster or armed conflict — children are often separated from their families and caregivers in the commotion of survival and flight.
Infographic: Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect
Published by Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
This infographics helps to better understand child abuse and neglect. It is the US-related, but will be of interest to professionals from any region. 
Disability and Child Protection
Published by UNICEF
UNICEF explains the social factors, such as stigma, ignorance, neglect, superstition and communication barriers, that impact  discrimination and isolation of children with disabilities.
Avoiding Burnout at Work! (Infographic)
Published by MindTools
This MindTools infographic on burnout prevention illustrates the most common symptioms of burnout and the coping strategies to reduce stress and improve your well-being at work.
A Framework for Effective Child Welfare Practice Series Part 1 of 5
Published by Children's Bureau (US)
Good child welfare practice changes lives, and the choices we make about how to evaluate our practices and how to apply evaluation findings affects outcomes for children and families.
Child protection and disabled children: lessons from a scoping study
Published by IRISS
In this talk Kirsten Stalker, Professor of University of Strathclyde, discusses issues of child protection in relation to disabled children and presents lessons from a relevant scoping study.
Checking Yourself for Burnout (Test)
Published by MindTools
This is a tool where you can self-test on burnout. The test will ask you how you feel about your job and your experiences at work to determine if you are at risk of burnout. It provides the results immediately.
Meet Elvis
Published by ChildPact
Imagine your name is Elvis and you live in an Eastern European country. Here is a video about you.
How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - Infographic
Published by Parenting Safe Children
This infographic from Parenting Safe Children shows how to keep children safe from sexual abuse. It debunks common myths, offers “must teach” body-safety rules, and gives you specific questions for screening caregivers. 
How to Use the Child Protection Minimum Standards
Published by CPWG
The Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) has produced a video series on minimum standards for child protection in humanitarian actions.


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