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[European Union] European Anti-trafficking Day (18 October)
18 Oct 2019
Today is the day of the European Anti-trafficking Day (18 October), a campaign launched in 2005 by the Council of Europe to raise awareness of the Convention on Actio
[Hungary] Child rights 101 for politicians and organisers of political campaigns
17 Oct 2019
The first child rights 101 for politicians and organisers of political campaigns was released!
[International] Person under the age of 18 = child. Do not use them in your campaign!
17 Oct 2019
The new political guidelines by the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation offers guidance and personal assistance to politicians.
[European Union] Director of Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center on Helping Sexual Abuse Victims Recover
15 Oct 2019
Prof. Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D., Director of the Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center, has been working with abused and neglected children for over thirty years.
[România] Ziua Ștafetei, a opta campanie-eveniment pentru implicarea copiilor în societate
15 Oct 2019
„Ziua Ştafetei” ca inițiativă a Terre des hommes, este celebrată în fiecare an, în apropierea  Zilei Internaționale a semnării Convenției privitoare la Drepturile Copilului ( 20 noiembrie).  Campania a aju
[Finland] Wellbeing: an economy that works for children?
14 Oct 2019
A Child Guarantee can be a second launchpad for investing in children.
[Serbia] Serbia: Working for the Integration of Unaccompanied Children
14 Oct 2019
There is a house in a quiet neighbourhood in Belgrade where the most vulnerable children have a chance for a better life.
[United Kingdom] Few social workers feel training provides ‘digital readiness’ for practice, research finds
14 Oct 2019
Based on a recent UK study of social workers’ digital capabilities majority of the social workers don’t feel their initial education prepares them for using digital technologies in practice, but most respondents rated their digital skills as ‘good
[Bosnia and Herzegovina] Winter is Approaching, Where will Migrants live in BiH?
11 Oct 2019
In 2018, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)—with support from the European Union—opened four new Temporary Reception Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are designated for vulnerable migrants: families and single men.


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