The 2015 "Takeover Day" youngsters decide for adults

19 Nov 2015
Terre des hommes Romania

Between 16 – 20th of November, over 3,500 youngsters across the country take the dream jobs of adults who act as models of professionalism and are willing to share their skills and expertise. This is the vision of Terre des hommes Foundation of the Takeover Day. 

Takeover Day celebrates the right of all young people to participate in society and takes place every year in November to mark the International Day of the Rights of the Children, November 20th.

The initiative reached its 4th edition, which is implemented by Terre des hommes in partnership with the Ministry of Education,  F.O.N.P.C, Ombudsman, embassies, NGOs, private institutions which recognize the special potential of youngsters.

Terre des hommes encourages companies and institutions to take part in this initiative, to extend its message and include children and young people in the decision making process on this special day and beyond, and to explore the possibility of consulting them in different domains. The initiative inspires participants to create a safe space for young people, where they can learn and express their opinions.

The final event is taking place on the 20th of November starting at 13.00 at the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest.

Terre des hommes Foundation financially supports more than 600 youngsters from all Romania with small grants to help them participate at Takeover day. The project is dedicated to Romanian children and youngsters aged 12-18.  

Ziua Ștafetei is an initiative of Terre des hommes, developed with the financial support of  d’Harcourt Foundation (  


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