4 Ways to Effectively Handle Employee Burnout

01 Dec 2015


The TIME article higlights the followning measures to prevent burnout: 

1. Acknowledging burnout: The direct employer's should be responsible for making sure that the employees feel valued and understood. 

2. Providing long-term incentives: Let the employees believe that the company values them for the long term, not just the current project. 

3. Request feedback on how to improve their situation, so they feel empowered and involved. 

4. Work with employees to determine a sustainablel level of effort, allowing them to regain their strenght, not feel like they are pulled from the project. Encourage self-monitoring, but monitor yourself as well. 

The article recommends dealing with employee burnout through compassionate management, which helps them regain perspective, rather than through financial or time-off incentives. 



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