[Afghanistan] Afghanistan outlaws sexual exploitation of boys

20 Jul 2017
Anadolu Agency

Rooted deeply within Afghanistan's history, is the traditional practice of "Bacha Bazi", which is constituted of sexual acts performed by older males on young adults and adolescent youth, strictly of the male gender.

Most recently, the Afghan government had criminalized the practice of Bacha Bazi, which is typified by the active participation and perpetration by societal elites, such as army commanders.

The Anadolu Agency article made reference to the comments made by the country's acting Minister of Justice, Abdul Bashir Anwar, who identifies the sexual abuse of youth as a strongly emphasized violation within Afghanistan's amended penal code. However, no punishment was previously linked to the crime.

Finally, through conducted examinations of the document, the code has undergone amendments, where revisions have recently been concluded. 

Corina POPA
Corina POPA's picture

This is such great news, if only they could enforce such legislation there. What happens to young boys in Afghanistan is atrocious, especially since over the years it became socially acceptable. Punishments should match the pain these children suffer and their lifetime of humiliation.

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