[Albania] Albanian Ministry of Justice, steps forward concerning Juvenile Justice

30 Sep 2018
Tdh Albania


Following the already launched process for the implementation of the new legal framework concerning the justice for children, the Albanian Ministry of Justice considers as very important addressing the need for multidisciplinary cooperation and interaction of all actors involved in the treatment of juveniles and youth in conflict with the law.

Referring to the infrastructural capacities of the probation service institution and the necessity of cooperation with the child protection units at the local level it is expected that the cases of juveniles who have committed minor offenses for which are assigned alternative measures to avoid prosecution and criminal punishment by competent judicial bodies, to be treated in their community by engaging in socialization, reintegration and rehabilitation programs that take place at social centers, depending on the municipalities.

Therefore there is a crucial role from the local government in applying the provisions as stated in the Penal Code for the Juvenile Justice.  In this framework the Minister of Justice has addressed to all Municipalities of Albania a request for collaboration. On September 28th the deputy minister mr. Gogu, signed the agreement of collaboration with the Municipality of Korca.

So far, a positive model in this direction was piloted by the Municipality of Tirana by supporting with the probation seriveces's ambjents in five community centres in the city.



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