[Albania] The Clock Tower stains orange, Tirana joins the world campaign against gender violence

07 Dec 2017
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The Clock Tower in Tirana was painted today in orange, as a symbol of the cities' solidarization with the 16 days of activism Against Gender Based Violence. Part of ceremony were the mayor Mr.Veliaj, the minister of Health and Social Protection Mrs. Manastirliu, UN Permanent Coordinator Brian Williams and UN Women's Representative, Giuseppe Belsito.

In his opening speech Mr. Veliaj talked about the importance of women’s role in Albanian’s life and the need for doing more towards their involvement in policy making as well as more towards eliminating violence in the family. The latest was referred as a major challenge in our society and according to the Mayor “If we take seriously not only during these 16 days, but if we take this issue of emancipation seriously and realize that European makes us the way we behave here and not the opening of the negotiations. So I invite all of you to remember that this mission has a mission. Of course you can say that the main mission is for those who have the task. I believe that not only those who have the task of doing this work as a daily job, but each one of us has in hand the way women, ladies and women within their home, their neighborhood, their workplace etc”

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