[Albania] Court Dismisses Case against Kindergarten Director Accused of Child Abuse

06 Nov 2019
Exit | Explaining Albania

August last year, a 3 year old little boy went home from kindergarten with bruises on his arm. He told his parents he was assaulted by the director, Nashi Shehapi. According to the boy, the woman did not ‘just’ hit him, she locked him into the “mouse hole”- the cupboard under the stairs - and it was not the first time.

The parents filed a lawsuit, but apparently the court dismissed the case. HOW?

  • The psychologist’s final report did not mention that the boy named Shehapi as the abuser, even he did it several times on the interviews.
  • The prosecutor, Eriselda Bala refused to meet the parents, until the Exit published information about the progress of the case and asked the court to dismiss the allegations (more than one time), because of the lack of evidence.
  • The director has relationship with the Socialist Party and with the director of the Center for Economic Development and Education of Children.
  • The staff from the kindergarten did not say a word against her – even if they knew she was guilty – because they were afraid of losing their job.
  • Shehapy hired Marin Hoxhaj – who turns out to be in the parental committee – to ‘fix’ the case and to make sure it never makes it to court.
  • Bala presented references from staff in the kindergarten, telling Shehapi is not guilty. One of them a government employee (whose child is not even in that kindergarten) and the other one is a night guard.

The parents are lodging an appeal, but look at the case: there is this little boy’s word - who is now 5 years old and still exhibits signs of trauma when he hears Shehapi’s name – against a director with the prosecutor and the government on her side …


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