[Albania] Improving provision of services and awareness to combat trafficking in Persons in the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo

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03 Apr 2018
Terre des hommes Albania

Tirana, March 30th, 2018 - Terre des hommes Foundation Mission in Albania launched the start of the project Improving provision of services and awareness to combat Trafficking in Persons (TiP) in the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, funded by the U.S. Department of State through the J/TiP program, that will be implemented for the period February 2018 to July 2020. 

The event saw the participation of the U.S. Ambassador to Albania, H.E. Mr. Donalda Lu and the National Coordinators on Anti-trafficking from the all four project countries i.e. Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo

In his speech Mr. Lu stated that “Trafficking in Persons is not an issue that can be addressed working only on a national level. The transnational collaboration is essential in fighting human trafficking and I am glad that this project is based on this approach”. Mr. Lu appreciated in particular “the innovations in the reintegration services that this project promote, because our scope is not just to settle victims in the shelters, but to help them build financial stability and confidence that ensure their social reintegration”.

The Country Representative of Terre des hommes Albania & Kosovo Ms. Jezerca Tigani emphasized that “We are glad that through this project we will continue our efforts to increase and strengthen the collaboration between Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo in assisting victims through unified standard operational procedures and transnational case management.” This project comes in the right moment and is a continuation of the “Although, unified standard operating procedures are in place since December 2016, still during 2017 these procedures were used only in one case between Albania and Kosovo, even though we are all witness of many children that move in the border between our countries and fall through the cracks of our system.  This is a strong indication that much more should be done to strengthen our response and collaboration to trafficking in persons. ... Our intervention does not focus only on the macro-level but aims to help directly victims and potential victims of trafficking by piloting models of community services for the reintegration of victims”

The project is a joint effort of Terre des hommes Mission in Albania & Kosovo with six local partners in the four countries of intervention: The Initiative for Social Change – ARSIS and Different & Equal in Albania; Association for action against violence and trafficking in human beings – Open Gate in Macedonia; SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Niksic in Montenegro ; Shpresë dhe Shtëpitë e Fëmijëve and The Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT) in Kosovo

It aims to strengthen the capacities of service providers and governmental institutions to ensure provision of comprehensive services to victims of TIP in four (4) countries of the Balkan region. The project will ensure that (i) Victims and potential victims of TiP in the Balkans have access to national and transnational coordinated and comprehensive services, and (ii) Potential victims of TIP and targeted public in the Balkans are better informed about human trafficking.

Jiyam Shrestha
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Improving provision of services and awareness to combat traffick

The project seems focusing only on the better services for the victimised children and create awareness on the trafficking. Is not it possible to focus on reintegration and standard of operation procedure for the rehabilitation of the victimised children. In such a senario, the proscution part also might be equally important to curb the demand side of the market. Are these authorities also include in the part of service delivery? 

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