[Albania] Tdh Albania Launches New Intervention on Social Reintegration of Children in Conflict with the Law

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03 Jun 2019
Tdh Albania

The social reintegration of children in conflict with the law is the newest initiative of the Juvenile Justice Program of Tdh Albania. In this framework, on 3 June, a joint discussion was held with representatives from stakeholder institutions such as: the Ministry of Justice, the Municipality of Tirana, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the State Agency for Protection and Rights of Children, the Ombudsman, the Probation Service, and Civil Society Organizations engaged in this process.

In her welcoming speech, the National Director of Terre des hommes, Alketa Lasku, highlighted the importance of establishing a comprehensive approach to integrating minors in conflict with the law, and the role of each institution in designing and implementing programs dedicated to enabling a full reintegration of children into society and reduction of recidivism.

Further, in his speech, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Toni Gogu, brought to attention the fact that Albania now has a legal framework in line with international standards, which provides protection and proper services for juveniles in conflict with the law. He mentioned the need for better co-ordination among juvenile justice institutions, and at the same time, thanked civil society organizations in general and Terre des hommes in particular for their contribution to improving the defence system of children rights in Albania.

The need and importance of building integrated approaches and models of multidisciplinary services for the treatment of children in conflict with the law were also the main topic of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the General Directorate of Social Services in Tirana Municipality, represented by Mrs. Merita Xhafa and Mrs. Anisa Ruseti.

At the end of the discussion, an introduction to the concrete steps of Terre des hommes’s initiative took place. Briefly, the project will aim to design and implement a model of integrated restorative services for children in conflict with the law, based on the principles of the integrated systems of care, social protection, and multidisciplinary access of different actors.

This initiative will aim at offering support to reintegrate 40 children/young people in conflict with the law in Albania.



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